Demonic Emperor Chapter 1315

Demonic Emperor

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Looking at each other, Gu Santong and the others are also strange: "You are not with the sky..."

"What the hell?"

"Yeah, what the hell?" scratching his head, Gu Santong was also in a daze, turning his head to look towards Que'er and sword child and said: "Are we here to do and so on?"

Looking left and right, everyone looked confused and seemed to have forgotten what happened.There seemed to be a person's name in their hearts, but they couldn't remember it anymore.

But since they couldn't remember, everyone ignored him and went back happily.As for the blank in the middle, no one paid any more attention.

The relationship between Gu Santong and other saint beasts and Luo Family is still very good. Dan Qingsheng and the others are still acting as Luo Family consecrates, sometimes cracking a joke. Why are they so strong and willing to stay in Luo Family?

But I got used to it, everyone smiled and didn't worry.It's just that there is always a vacancy in their hearts, and it seems that the silhouette of a person has completely disappeared in their minds.

Not only them, but the entire continent, there is no record of this person.

Zhuo Fan completely disappeared in this world, disappeared in people's memories...

"Heavenly Emperor, the original chess game, let's have another game!"

In a white world, Zhuo Fan sits on a stone bench with a chessboard in front of him, looking towards the Heavenly Emperor, who is approaching with a smile on his face.

Looking around, the Heavenly Emperor was very cautious: "Where is this place?"

"Your world!" With a grin at the corner of his mouth, Zhuo Fan introduced: "Don't you always want to create and rebirth? This is the original appearance of the world. There is nothing. You can use your creativity and graffiti as much as you want, how about?"

His eyes hushed slightly, Heavenly Emperor stared at Zhuo Fan closely, gritted his teeth and said: "I don't want to be here, I want to return to Diwu Continent, that is my world!"

"You can't go back, I have erased all the traces of you and me. You are there, a person who does not exist at all. Whether it is an ancient book or people’s memory, there are only the 2 ancient emperors, no Your seat of the Heavenly Emperor. Of course, I don’t have the name Butler Zhuo!"

The pupils couldn't stop shrinking, and the Heavenly Emperor was shocked: "How can you quietly erase the traces of a person from a world? What realm have you...have reached?"

"That's not important, let's play a game of chess!" With a grin, Zhuo Fan pointed to the chess board.

Looking at him suspiciously, the Heavenly Emperor no longer had the imposing manner of the past, and had to sit on the opposite side, and began to play against Zhuo Fan.

At this time, Zhuo Fan was extremely calm, every one of them was quite modest, and there were no strange moves.However, the Heavenly Emperor was unable to win regardless of the layout.Of course, Zhuo Fan can't win, it will always be a tie.

But because of this, it is the most terrifying.

The best chess skill in the world is not to win if you want to win or lose if you want to lose, but to always keep a tie with your opponent. Maintaining this balance is the most rare!

Brows trembled lightly, the Heavenly Emperor rubbed the chess piece in his hand, and finally let go, and dropped it to the ground, shook his head helplessly: "You won!"

"You are polite, it's just a tie!"

"A tie is when you win!"

Taking a long breath, Heavenly Emperor looked towards Zhuo Fan, with suspicious eyes in his eyes: "I have some questions that I want to ask you, can I tell you?"

"But it's fine!"

"What is your Tao?" With hope in his eyes, the Heavenly Emperor stared at him closely and said: "I have felt it since you appeared in front of me. You and my younger brother's Tao is different. . The same affection, but different affection, what is it?"

Slightly smiled, Zhuo Fan indifferent expression: "He is greater than me, he is great love and love, I am just little love and little love."

"Little love and love, can also become enlightened and defeat me?"

"By the way, is the love in the world divided into big and small?" The corner of the mouth raised, Zhuo Fan glanced at him lightly.His body shook, and the Heavenly Emperor's complexion changed slightly.

With a smirk and waved his hand, Zhuo Fan slowly got up: "Heavenly Emperor, including the other 9 emperors, is too obsessed. Everything between heaven and earth runs according to his own rules. How can there be big love and little love, love and love? Love is love. It is generated by the heart of the human being. It is not that complicated. I recommend a cultivation technique written by mortals. It may not be worth mentioning in your eyes, but it is what you monarchs lack!"

As he said, Zhuo Fan waved his hand gently, and a message entered his mind immediately.

"True Nature Art?"

Brows slightly wrinkle, Heavenly Emperor murmured: "Return to the truth, blend in heaven and earth, One with Heaven and Earth, and become Grand Dao. Zhuo Fan, don't you..."

Suddenly raising his head, the Heavenly Emperor screamed again and again, but there was no Zhuo Fan silhouette in front of him anymore. He was alone, with a dumb face, looking at the white sky, and muttering to himself in a daze: "Heaven, earth, human 3 ways are one. In charge of the universe, above the Supreme, heaven and earth..."

With hope flashing in his eyes, the Heavenly Emperor kept looking up at the sky until the deepest point, still not bottoming out.But above the nine heavens, outside of a white mist, Zhuo Fan dragged a small ball shrouded in white air with a smile in his eyes, and flung it forward and threw it into an endless night sky. .

shua ~ shua ~ shua ~ ……

Around his body, these same little balls are constantly flashing, shuttled in the pitch black.It's just that some small balls are pure white, some become a little gray, and some are already pure black.

Zhuo Fan scanned all this with cold eyes, lifted a finger gently, and flicked forward.

puff puff puff ...

A series of muffled noises uttered, and dozens of small balls filled with black air disappeared without a trace.

"Sorry, it's not that I want to destroy the world, but your world has come to an end and turned into an Asura hell, and I will eliminate it for the sky."

The corner of the mouth raised, Zhuo Fan looked towards the other countless little balls, especially the one that was a little dark and sighed: "Ai, Diwu Continent, although it is not the time to destroy the world, it is gradually dying... "

Shaking his head, Zhuo Fan stepped in the air, patrolling all the way in the pitch-black space, touching the lively white balls from time to time, bounced out the black balls surrounded by black energy, and just walked...

After 1000 years, Diwu Continent has undergone several changes, and many heroes have emerged, forming a trend of separatism.Although the monopoly of Saint Mountain has not been formed, it has also become a situation where the Great Influence chambers resist.

One of the biggest forces is Luo Family.Because of the close relationship with saint beast, there is also a mysterious Sword Emperor in the family, who can be said to be Hegemon who don't dare provoke everyone in the world.

Fortunately, Luo Family has always been benevolent and righteous. Although strong, it does not use the strong to bully the weak, but to uphold justice.

But even so, in this powerhouse world, the weak are still unavoidably miserable!

"Stop, don't run, hand over the spirit stone!"

"This is what we used to buy food, and the ghost will hand it over!"

Among the gloomy mountains and forests, two young girls, one big and one small, kept running wildly. It seemed that one was about eight-nine years old and the other was about ten years old, but they were running barefoot with black and gray faces.


Suddenly, one of the two females staggered and stumbled on the ground. Five or six male children over the age of six overcame behind them. Seeing this, they couldn't help showing a wretched smile: ", you are running instead." ?"

"Don't come, or I'm not polite to you!" Seeing them come up, the older girl immediately stood up and protected the younger sister behind her, her face full of stubbornness: "I am Qi Gathering eight layers, come up. , Be careful of your dogs!"

However, upon hearing this sentence, those people laughed louder: "hahaha...Qi Gathering eight layers, I'm so scared. What kind of cultivation base are we?"

"Boss, we are both Bone Tempering Realm, even the worst, Bone Tempering three layers!"

With a trembling face, the two girls suddenly stagnated, and their complexions instantly became serious.Those male children were even more laughed unbridled and waved: "Come on, take them back to me and sell them to brothel. You can also earn dozens of spirit stones, hahaha..."



The crowd laughed, and they were about to step forward. The two sisters waved their hands in a hurry, and huddled in fright.


But at this moment, there was a crisp tapping sound, and the people stopped suddenly, but they couldn't move anymore, as if Time Freeze, they still had such evil smiles, but they were still like sculptures.

Slowly step by step, he came to the two people, Zhuo Fan saw that the two sisters were still holding their heads and shuddering constantly. He couldn't help but smiled slightly and said softly: "Don't be afraid, they won't hurt you anymore..."

Suddenly, the two girls put down their hands. Seeing that it was so, and seeing Zhuo Fan's kind face, they immediately showed a smile and bowed to thank them.

"What is your name?" Zhuo Fan still asked, it was clear in his heart.

After looking at each other, the older girl immediately signed up and said, "My name is Xiaoyu, this is my younger sister, Xiaoshuang!"

"Yuyu, Shuang'er..."

Muttering softly, Zhuo Fan stretched out two hands, said with a smile: "Follow me, how about worshiping me as a teacher?"


Unable to startled, after the two people looked at each other, Xiaoyu asked quietly, "Is there anything to eat?"

"Yes, of course, and you will never be bullied again!"

"That's very good, disciple, see Master!" The two girls' request was very simple. Hearing Zhuo Fan's reply, they knelt down and bowed.

Slightly smiled, Zhuo Fan took 2 female hands, turned around, disappeared.

Then the male children were able to move again, but when they rushed up, they were suddenly empty, their heads filled with confusion.

Hey, how about people, why are they missing?What a ghost...

On the other hand, in front of a dilapidated slum, Chu Qingcheng stood still here quietly.The corners of his mouth are raised, always smiling sweetly.

Seeing this, two young women not far away discussed it from time to time: "How does Ancestor Master like her Senior like to live in seclusion here, and she also wraps up a whole broken house. She does not know what her hobbies are? In some famous mountains and rivers, Qingxiu , Isn't it better?"

"Who knows, and the others!"

"Who are you waiting for?"

"I think it's waiting for me!" Suddenly, a faint male voice rang around the two women, and the two were unconsciously shocked. They were so scared that they backed away, but they saw Zhuo Fan's innocent face but they didn't know when they stood there. Around them.

"Who you are, when did you get here?"

"Don't be unreasonable, withdraw!"

However, as soon as the two of them spoke, Chu Qingcheng was already shouting loudly, scolding. 2 People were startled and turned to look, but they were seeing their Ancestor Master, who is usually frosty. At this moment, they showed a strange face, with a hint of complaint in their excitement. The tears in their eyes are reflected in the sun Next, it appears more clear.

Knowing that there is a story in it, the two people left without interruption.

Zhuo Fan gave a wry smile, stepped forward 2 steps, and sighed: "I can't think of it for 1000 years. I erased everyone's memory, but you still remember me!"

"I knew that 1000 years ago, everyone forgot about you, you made the ghost!"

"Yeah, after all, I'm impossible to be by their side, forgetting is best for everyone!"

"But I did not forget!"

"Maybe because of your tears, it's still in my heart!" Nodded with a smile, Zhuo Fan sighed: "Maybe it was God's will. Everyone thought that the Heavenly Emperor younger brother was reincarnated to find the Emperor Realm Grand Dao to stop it. Heavenly Emperor. But in fact, no one knows that what he is really looking for is the love root he cut off at the beginning, and you are my love root!"

"That means you will take me away?"

"of course!"

One step forward, Chu Qingcheng held Zhuo Fan tightly, crying with excitement: "Then where do you take me?"

"Ai, I have worked hard all my life, take you to work in the main house!"

"Master?" Unconsciously, Chu Qingcheng strangely said: "What are you doing?"

With a grin, Zhuo Fan showed a mysterious smile: "It's still my old business, butler, heaven and earth chief butler..."

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Demonic Emperor Chapter 1314

Demonic Emperor

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This this……

Frightened that his legs were soft, Kunpeng lay on his back, his heart trembling: "It's over, his eyes have completely turned into the sky. The entire heaven and earth are already under his control. This is the Supreme Grand. Dao, heaven and earth are in hand. All of us, no one can stop him anymore..."

Hearing this, the rest of the individuals were ashamed, full of despair.

Only Zhuo Fan was still calm, so calm so strangely, even the Heavenly Emperor, who had mastered the power of Supreme at this moment, couldn't help feeling a little uneasy when seeing his dignity.

"Why, aren't you afraid?"

"Come on, if you still want to stay in this World..."

"Hmph hum, at this moment you are still stubborn!"

Coldly smiled, the Heavenly Emperor twitched his lips disdainfully: "younger brother, on this occasion, this seat will call you a younger brother last. Do you know what the Supreme Heavenly Eye is for brother?"

Lifting his eyes and glancing at him, Zhuo Fan indifferently said: "Tai Xu Tong, Tai Xu creates the world!"

"Yes, as expected of the person who touched the Supreme threshold, did you feel it too."

Slightly smiled, the Heavenly Emperor raised his head proudly: "This is different from World Extinguishing Thunder Flame, nor is it Void Clarity Divine Pupil. It will dissipate the entire world and build a pure world without any dirty world, chaos Let's open it again! It can be said that nothing in the world, including your World Extinguishing Thunder Flame, cannot be dissipated by it...just like this!"


With a snap of the finger, the silver mans of nine heavens above flashed instantly, and the whole mountain peaks, with a rush, disappeared, not even a trace of ashes, as if it had never appeared in this World.

The corners of the mouth couldn't stop shaking, Kunpeng and the others were so scared that a heart almost popped out. Seeing this, Zhuo Fan said nothing, but couldn't help but sigh: "When this World is not dead yet, if you do this, it is equivalent to walking the heavens-defying road, and there will be no good results!"

"This World should be born or destroyed, is it your responsibility?"

Twitched his lips with disdain, the Heavenly Emperor raised his head proudly: "From now on, the life and death of this World will be under my control. Then just as planned in the ancient times, create a new life. I want to make this dirty The world disappears, creating a pure world, hahaha..."

With a loud laugh, the imaginary pupil of the Heavenly Emperor's forehead became steep and bright, and the silver light above the nine heavens echoed in the distance, emitting dazzling rays of light. The brilliance of one after another silver floats like a veil between heaven and earth, falling between mountain peaks, seas and streams, and creeks, and all that is covered by that veil will fade away without a trace.

Kunpeng and the others saw this, turn pale with fright, hurriedly eliminated the huge figure, turned it into a human body, and hid 4 times: "10000000 don't be caught by the silver light, or you will die!"

However, where 10000 objects in the world disappear one by one, where can there be a place to hide?

Sometimes they just hid in a cave, in the blink of an eye, the whole mountain was gone, and they couldn't help but have to scurry and hide, looking for refuge.

Seeing all this, the Heavenly Emperor couldn't help laughing out loud, his eyes ridiculed.

This is the ant, the grass that can't even control his own destiny!

Zhuo Fan watched all this with cold eyes and remained silent until a beam of silver light floated on his body and his whole body began to disappear.

Turning his head and looking towards him, Heavenly Emperor smiled triumphantly: "younger brother, goodbye. From ancient times to the present, after so many years, the end of the world has not changed!"

"You're welcome, we will meet again!" A wicked smile crossed the corner of his mouth, and Zhuo Fan gradually disappeared, but the last sentence he left behind made the Heavenly Emperor's heart move again.

What does his smile mean?

On the other hand, in the Luo Family city house, all the fighters went to stop the Heavenly Emperor.Only Luo Yunshang and Chu Qingcheng and other women burned incense and prayed outside.

Suddenly, the sky changed color, and the silver light that fell from 9 days disappeared without a trace of everything under his eyes, no matter whether it was a person or a thing.

Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked. Luo Yunshang's face was dumbfounded, but he could not help shaking his head, and sighed: "It seems that I still failed. The day of extinction has arrived. Qingcheng, Zhuo Fan..."

"He will be fine!"

Looking at the sky quietly, Chu Qingcheng prayed devoutly, not moving, watching the silver light flashing in his eyes, but there were strange rays of light flashing, one after another memory fragments, one after another appeared in front of him : "Sister Yunshang, I seem to remember the past. It turns out that we have been together in Mortal Rank!"

"The world is going to be destroyed, what's the use of thinking of it?" Luo Yunshang reluctantly shook his head with a light sigh.

The corner of his mouth grinned, Chu Qingcheng smiled suddenly, so happy and happy: "Of course it works, even if life and death 2 is boundless, but the love remains the same. I have been looking for him in Mortal Rank for so long, and he has been looking for me for so long in Saint Territory. It turns out that if I passed away, he will also find me. As long as I know this, even if there is only one minute to remember all this, it is enough..."

As he said, Chu Qingcheng smiled and closed his eyes, a tear of happiness fell off his face!


However, just at this moment, mutation occurred, and the tears flashed with seven colors light, and they flew for 9 days, and disappeared.Even if it was illuminated by those silver awns, it was still strong and did not detract from it.


Soon, the teardrop flew over the heavenly Emperor's head.

Flicking, the Heavenly Emperor turned his head and looked towards there, but he was surprised: "What's the matter, what is this, why is it here?"

As he said, the eyes of the Heavenly Emperor dilated and brighter radiance, and the silver light kept wrapping the teardrops.But a strange thing happened. Taixu Tong, who could transform the world's 10000, could not have a tear.

Seeing this scene, the Heavenly Emperor was shocked immediately.

What is this...?

"Ten Dao return to their place, the original Origin Return, heaven and earth are the first line, but I will live forever!"


For no reason, an unusually familiar voice resounded throughout above the nine heavens. When Heavenly Emperor heard it, he immediately shook his body and turned pale with fright: "Zhuo Fan? How could it be possible? He has been destroyed, why does he still have his voice?"

Kunpeng, who was hiding in 4 places, was stunned, and turned their heads abruptly, looking towards the sky, but seeing one after another strange energy, centered on that teardrop, gathering turbulently.At the same time, Zhuo Fan's shouted, like Hong Zhong Dalu, resounded between heaven and earth again.

"All Heavens' Ten Dao, the first Heavenly Dao, Void Clarity Grand Dao, encompass the world, clear the universe, return to its place!"


A vibration rang, and a seven colors light appeared beside the teardrop, but it was the Emperor Realm Grand Dao of Void Clarity Grand Dao.

The body couldn't stop shaking, Heavenly Emperor startled: "How could it be possible that Void Clarity Grand Dao is within the body, why does one appear in the sky? Could it be that he also condensed the same Emperor Dao?"

But before he could figure out what was going on, Zhuo Fan's shouted sounded again.

"All Heavens' Ten Dao, the second humanity, undefeated overbearing, Fist Shaking Vault of Heaven, undefeated heaven and earth, return!"

"All Heavens' Ten Dao, the third humanity, Nine Nether Demon Dao, 3 rivers in Haina, clearly understood human relations, return!"

"All Heavens' Ten Dao, the fourth humanity, the iron-blooded Sword Dao, the sword points to the sky, loyalty and righteousness, return to your place!"

"All Heavens' Ten Dao, the fifth humanity, dark night star road, star chain, boundless love, return to the place!"

"All Heavens' Ten Dao, the sixth humanity, Yin Si Ming Dao, life and death without worries, no sorrow and no disturbance, return!"

"All Heavens' Ten Dao, the 7th humanity, hidden in the shadow road, between light and darkness, wandering around and returning to its place!"

"All Heavens' Ten Dao, the eighth humanity, reincarnation Grand Dao, before and after, everything is empty, return to your place!"

"All Heavens' Ten Dao, the ninth humanity, Grand Dao, the greatest love, the yin and yang are in harmony, the love is moved for 9 days, return to the place!"

"All Heavens' Ten Dao, the tenth humanity, the ordinary Grand Dao, hide the heart, to the true and pure, return to the place!"

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! ……

With a shouted sound, Dao Realm of the top ten Emperor Dao appeared around the teardrop, emitting strong seven colors light.

Next moment, but listening to the loud bang, shaking heaven and earth, ten rays of glow suddenly diverged, and immediately tore the entire sky, and the silver light in the sky disappeared so steeply.


A mouthful of red spit out from the sky, Heavenly Emperor Heaven Parting exudes, looking at the sky in disbelief, and roaring: "No, impossible, I am already Supreme Supreme, how can this happen again? All Heavens' Ten Dao, Why does it appear there? I obviously have all refining!"

"I said long ago that what you refining is just the fruit of the Ten Dao, not the Ten Dao itself. Combining the Ten Daoist, naturally you can gather Dao Realm at any time!"

At this time, above the nine heavens once again sounded Zhuo Fan's indifferent voice: "Heavenly Emperor, I have persuaded you before. Since you are going your own way, I can't leave you in the world anymore."

"Ten Dao in one, one palm of the universe!"

The tone barely fell, ten Caixia suddenly formed a circle and turned.Then, with a sigh, a 7-color giant palm was formed, and it patted the Heavenly Emperor's head fiercely.

Fiercely's eye pupils couldn't stop shrinking, and the Heavenly Emperor fiercely shook his head in disbelief: "No, impossible, I'm already Supreme Supreme, you can't beat me, too weak pupil!"

With a loud roar, the Heavenly Emperor opened his eyes again on his forehead, and the silver light could not stop shooting upwards.However, these powers that can transform everything in the world are of no use to the 7-color giant palm.

Finally, with a touch in the almost desperate eyes of the Heavenly Emperor, the giant palm fiercely slapped him on the body and disappeared instantly.And the giant palm disappeared, everything, like a dream, never happened.

took a deep breath, Kunpeng got up with a dumbfounded look, and looked at it four times, especially when the sky became clear again, and finally showed a smile: "It's finally over, but... Zhuo Fan, what about the others?"

"Father, where are you?" Gu Santong and Sword Child got up and looked for 4 places, but they didn't see the silhouette at all.

Tick ​​tick tick tick...

At this time, there was a drizzle of rain on the sky, but unlike ordinary rain, the rain actually carried seven colors of light and soaked the earth.

puff puff puff ...

With a muffled sound, under the ground, withered arms stretched out, and familiar bodies came out from inside. Gu Santong was surprised when he saw it: "Luo Yunhai, Old Li, Old Dan, aren't you dead already, why..."

"Hey, are we dead?" Scratching their heads, everyone looked at each other, they were all unfathomable mystery: "By the way...Where are we? What were we doing just now?"

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Demonic Emperor Chapter 1313

Demonic Emperor

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The terrifying coercion fell on the earth, and everyone present suddenly felt that their bodies sank, and their legs seemed to be filled with lead, making it difficult to move a bit.

Next moment, the entire ground began to shatter in Karakala, the mountains and rivers crumbled, and the flying currents turned upside down. Everything, like anti-gravity, galloped upwards.Then he infiltrated the huge Heavenly Eye and disappeared.

Zhuo Fan and Five Great Saint Beasts did the same. They felt a strong suction force and wanted to suck them into the terrible cavity.

"One hand shrouding the heavens!"

But soon, Zhuo Fan closed her palms together, and Dao Dao Caixia floated out of the rays of light in her palms, and then slammed upward.


Caixia went straight for 9 days and spread rapidly, becoming bigger and bigger, but in the blink of an eye, it completely blocked the golden sky pupil.The gurgling and strange power also disappeared suddenly.

The thing that had been sucked into the sky before thumped again and fell again, and the 5 saint beasts fell even more confused.But in the bottom of my heart, I was both fortunate and surprised. Zhuo Fan's current strength is really not under the Heavenly Emperor, so he can dissolve his Void Clarity Divine Pupil so easily.

It seems that the ten forces are slowly immersing in his flesh and blood, exerting an unnoticeable influence, and there is a chance of victory in this battle...


However, as soon as there was a hint of hope in their hearts, they heard a loud noise burst out.The powerful imposing manner formed an incomparable tornado, which instantly spread all around.

They hadn't realized what was going on yet, the hundred zhang's body had already been lifted out, and it could not be stopped after falling for more than a mile.When they raised their heads again and looked forward, they were seeing the Heavenly Emperor and Zhuo Fan in the center of the storm. They had already punched each other, their fists were pressed together, and there was a raging fighting intent in their eyes.

"This is... Tyrant Fist of Tyrant Emperor..."

The huge eyes could not stop shaking, Kunpeng let out a cold breath, and sighed: "It's really a terrifying power, and the two Tyrant Fist together are equivalent to two Tyrant Emperors in, with Their current quasi-Supreme strength is hard to reach even if the Tyrant Emperor is alive. No wonder it was just the aftermath that easily shook our 2 beasts flying."

Hearing this, the other saint beasts were also solemn and nodded. Gu Santong looked towards the two fighters who were in a stalemate with a face full of worry, unavoidably saying: "Then Father and Heavenly Emperor, who will win?"

"'s hard to judge..." Kunpeng sighed and shook his head. He just stared at the two people's direction closely, his forehead was covered with cold sweat...

The two steel fists faced each other, bursting into bone bursts. Zhuo Fan and Heavenly Emperor 2 looked at each other, but they didn't speak.After a while, but seeing the Heavenly Emperor's body tremble, a dark energy suddenly came out of his fist, and with a touch, Zhuo Fan flew out instantly.


Unable to help simultaneously sucked in a breath of cold air, Kunpeng and other beasts immediately raised their huge heads and shouted: "It is also All Heavens' Ten Dao, Zhuo Fan actually fell in love!"

"Hmph hum, of course, the ultimate essence of the ten powers is on the Grand Dao Emperor Realm. Now that the Emperor Realm is in my hands, even if he gets those old fellow inheritances, how can he compare to this one? "


When he stepped on his feet, he immediately stepped on the ground to the depth of ten thousand meters. The Heavenly Emperor was like an arrow from the string, chasing Zhuo Fan, who was flying behind him, and laughed again and again: "Beasts, do you think he will be inherited Can you check and balance the emperor? Humph, in the end it's just perfecting the emperor!


A flash came to Zhuo Fan in an instant, the Heavenly Emperor stuck out a claw, and took the position of his atrium: "Give me Grand Dao, the last reincarnation, and your chess piece will complete its mission!"

call out!

In a trance, Zhuo Fan instantly turned into a black shadow and disappeared.

"The shadow of the Shadow Emperor?"

With a raised brow, the Heavenly Emperor grinned, and sneaked: "Don't put up a desperate struggle anymore, ten Divine Ability, I know better than you, you can't escape my palm!"


The tone barely fell, Heavenly Emperor also instantly turned into a black shadow, disappearing.Immediately afterwards, everyone saw that in the midst of the clouds and sky, two black shadows kept flickering and intertwined in the air, intertwined, hiding in the Space Crack for a while, and exposed to the universe for a while, you chased me away, very fierce.

Zhuo Fan changed several directions continuously, and it was difficult to get rid of the chase of the Heavenly Emperor. Instead, he became more and more clinging to him, and his brows wrinkled deeply.

Finally, he was no longer hiding in the shadow, but his real body appeared, but when the Heavenly Emperor's shadow was about to attach, he took a strange step under his feet, but a few trances, he appeared beyond a thousand li.

With a raised eyebrow, the Heavenly Emperor flickered and revealed his true body. He also took a strange step under his feet and caught up in a flash: "hmph hmph hmph, Child Emperor's sky cloud step, do you want to play hide and seek with me? What a pity, Those old fellows passed you Divine Ability, the emperor has all refining, you never want to escape my palm anyway!"

"What you are refining is their Emperor Dao, but they have gathered Grand Dao's mental journey, but you don't know anything. How can you understand their mood in this move?"

"So what? I just need them Emperor Dao to break through Supreme Peak, so why bother, trifling humanity, how to condense?"

"Because you don't know, so you won't understand, what is humanity? When will the human heart change from good to evil, and when will the human heart change from evil to good, fierce and unafraid of death. Just like the corpses buried here. , They are like ants, why knowing that they are useless, they still dare to take their own lives against you, the Heavenly Emperor!"

The erratic silhouette gradually slowed down, Zhuo Fan's face was strangely calm, faintly said: "You don't know anything, even if you get the ten Dao, what you are refining is their strength, not their way."


Taking this opportunity, the Heavenly Emperor finally bullied Zhuo Fan in front of him in an instant, and steel essence-like iron claws were inserted into his chest, with excitement in his eyes. looked towards Zhuo Fan with a triumphant smile: "What this seat wants is this power. As for the mood of those ants, there is no need for this seat to experience it, he he he..."


Fiercely took his hand out of Zhuo Fan within the body, but there was no blood, only a seven colors light exuding gorgeous brilliance in his hand.

"Oh, that was the reincarnation Grand Dao, this time he finally got it..."

Unable to stop the sudden eye pupils, Kunpeng's face was full of horror, and his heart suddenly fell into despair: "Now that he has ten ways in his hand, he can set foot on Supreme, with the capable of extinguishing the world, everything is over..."

With a plop, Kunpeng fell to the ground, as if all his strength was exhausted, limp, and the other beasts looked towards there in disbelief, completely stunned.

This World is going to be destroyed!

Only Zhuo Fan, quietly looking at the Heavenly Emperor in front of him, his face is still ancient well without ripples, without the slightest brilliance, even, there is a color of pity: "Heavenly Emperor, you are enchanted..."


With a raised eyebrow, Heavenly Emperor evil said with a smile: "This seat is the Void Clarity Grand Dao dao wielder, how can it be infested by Demon Dao? If I become a demon, there will be a demon in my heart, then where is my heart demon?"

"Greed to be a demon, arrogant, arrogant, and arrogant... You have a lot of heart demon, but no one in the world can take care of you, so I will take care of it!"

Flicked, the Heavenly Emperor took a deep look at Zhuo Fan, and then sneered: "You pack me? Humph, a joke. Your this life is my pawn, and your way is enlightened by me. You are always there. The ten paths I found are now in my hands, including this reincarnation Grand Dao!"

With that said, the Heavenly Emperor looked up at the seven colors light in the sky, which was gradually dissipating, the huge sky pupil, once again descending the pressure on the earth, could not stop ridiculing: "he he he, now even you reincarnate Grand Dao The set of reincarnation canopy has also disappeared, the whole heaven and earth, Only I Am Supreme, how do you clean up me?"

"Heavenly Emperor, Demon Dao has always followed the iron rule that the wicked have their own wicked ones, the big devil eats the little devil, and the more fierce devil will devour the big devil. If there are 5 demons in the world that can be surrendered, then I should take action. I am the chief butler of Demon Sovereign, and I am in charge of the world 10000 demons!"

Staring at him tightly, Zhuo Fan looked solemn: "This is my duty and mission. Finally, I will advise you again, stop!"

Staring at him coldly, the Heavenly Emperor sneered even more: "Are you crazy, I am the Heavenly Emperor, and the Supreme Supreme who is about to destroy the world, you are a Demon Sovereign who can control me? Let's talk about these ten ways... …"

"Just take these things. I don't care. It doesn't matter if you want to be on the Supreme, I don't care. Anyway, I experienced the birth of the thirty two, I didn't come to find these things!"

took a deep breath, Zhuo Fan swiped a mysterious smile across his mouth: "At Samsara Heavenly Pond, I realized what I was really looking for, and I also understood my relationship with you. no means my opponent, I Let you be the master of Diwu Continent, otherwise..."

"How else?"

Fiercely shook his arm, and Heavenly Emperor said with a smile: "Boast shamelessly boy, now you are in a disadvantaged situation, and you dare to bravish with me? This is what I taught you to teach the rest. Don't come to this one. Now this emperor is only one step away from the real Grand Dao. This step, no one can stop me!"

Tone barely fell, Heavenly Emperor immediately threw Caixia into his mouth, swallowing it in a blink of an eye. Zhuo Fan watched so calmly and did nothing!


Suddenly, the huge golden pupil in the sky suddenly made strong waves, the dazzling golden glow continued to radiate all around, and the terrifying imposing manner strengthened. The Heavenly Emperor also closed his eyes, a strange energy flowed around his body, and his head was full of long wind fluttering without wind. It also gave out a dark luster, which appeared to be 10000 points of evil charm.


Finally, the giant pupils in the sky suddenly shook and disappeared instantly. Kunpeng and the others didn't feel strange seeing this, but the next moment, another invisible wave flashed by, and the sky was completely turned into an endless white, ten dazzling silver auras flashed for the entire 3 days.

"Void Clarity Divine Pupil tenth three layers, too virtual pupil!"

The long flying hair slowly fell, but it was no longer black, but turned into a dazzling silver. Heavenly Emperor opened his eyes slowly, his eyes were no different from others, black and white, no Purple Thunder Golden Eye and Void Clarity Divine Pupil, but in the middle of his forehead, he opened his eyes again, the whole area was pale , Ten or three silver light, exactly the same as the sky...

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Demonic Emperor Chapter 1312

Demonic Emperor

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"Heavenly Emperor !"

The expression changed drastically. Kunpeng looked up at the familiar silhouette, his face twitching: "You actually left Jingyue Xiaozhu. Could it be that your love has been solved?"

With a grin, the Heavenly Emperor twitched his lips disdainfully: "The love of the Emperor of Love has already fallen into my hands. With my power, will I be unable to solve the love? It's just that you flies are too annoying, and I haven't completely refining. Those Emperor Dao, you will come to your door, as a last resort, you have to solve you first.

"It's want to do it one by one, or do you want to do it together?" Sword Emperor sneered after hooking his finger.

The beard shook slightly, Kunpeng also let out a laugh: "Facing a character like the Heavenly Emperor, if you fight alone, you would be too majestic..."

"Hypocrisy!" The Heavenly Emperor gave a haha ​​and the Heavenly Emperor glanced at Kunpeng sideways: "old fellow, you are still the same as before...No, it's because the human dross on your body is heavier than before. If you want to fight in a group, you can fight in a group. What nonsense, come on!"


It was just a step, the Heavenly Emperor was in a trance, and he was among the five beasts.

The pupils couldn't help but shrink, and the 5 beasts were simultaneously shocked, they didn't even notice it.So hurriedly shot, golden flame, azure flame, Qilin Jin... all slashed towards the Heavenly Emperor.

However, the Heavenly Emperor didn't care about it at all. When he shook his body, it suddenly turned into a black shadow and disappeared. When it reappears, he has come to the sky above Little San, revealing its white teeth. The divine might permeate: "You are the son of Qilin, he he he... Sorry, I killed your father. What's more, you will die in my hands too!"


A finger poked Gu Santong on the back, but as if dozens of mountains were pressed down, Gu Santong was immediately pressed into the ground, and the whole earth burst open.


Gu Santong's face turned pale suddenly with a gulp of red blood.

"This is... the shadow emperor's evasion technique, and the Tyrant Emperor's endless divine force?" The brows fiercely trembled, and Kunpeng immediately turned pale with fright: "He has already refining the Emperor Dao of these two emperors, and has 2 Emperor Magical Powers!"

"Yes, now even if you don't use Void Clarity Divine Pupil, I can fight hand-to-hand with you, the Emperor is as easy as blowing off dust!" The Heavenly Emperor laughed strangely, and the Heavenly Emperor raised his head proudly.


But at this moment, a pitch-black sword glow flashed so steeply, taking his head straight.

Eyes slanted, he glanced lightly, the Heavenly Emperor put his fingers together, flicked to the side, and with a touch, the black glow burst, and a sword force blinked and rushed to the sword child, immediately knocking him out and falling down. On the ground.At the shoulder position, blood was already bursting and flowing all over the ground.

emperor weapon, such a strong fleshy body, was actually injured?


Unable to stop being sucked in a breath of cold air, Kunpeng was already scared witless: "This is by no means the Sword Emperor Sword Dao. His Sword Dao impossible has such a formidable power. Even if he makes the sword himself, he won’t be so easy to use the sword. Child has failed so terribly!"

"He he he... Yes, this is not Sword Emperor Sword Dao, but it is also his Sword Dao. You know, I am someone who has absorbed Zhuo Fan Heavenly Demon Great Transformation Art, including his World Extinguishing Sword Dao, I I have also understood. And the greatest function of Heavenly Demon Great Transformation Art is to merge 10000 Dao into one. The Sword Dao of the Sword Emperor, plus the Sword Dao of Zhuo Fan, which is the union of the heavenly sword and the demon sword, plus the owner himself If you use it, it becomes the strongest sword in your hand. Now I want to kill you, don’t use too many methods, hahaha...

His complexion became more gloomy, Kunpeng and the others felt that the current Sword Emperor was more terrifying than before.Even without effort, simply is a joke and can crush them to death like ants.

took a deep breath, Kunpeng stared closely at the Heavenly Emperor, and shouted: "Saint beast original body, reverse the universe!"

As soon as the voice came out, Kunpeng had already screamed and revealed his true body, Heaven Supporting Kunpeng, whose length was hundreds of zhang, soaring through the Nine Heavens. Dragon Ancestor, Sea Turtle, Que'er, they also turned into animal bodies.

Gu Santong barely stood up, his body shook, and also turned into Qilin.

In an instant, saint beast roared, shocked the sky, and caused heaven and earth to tremble. Those imperial domain cultivators even covered their ears, fled with their legs, and stopped participating in this expert duel.

Only the Heavenly Emperor still looked at them coldly, with contempt, indifferent expression.

Whiz whiz whiz !

Huge figure, but very flexible. The 5 saint beasts form a circle, enclosing the Heavenly Emperor, and constantly rotate.The powerful force formed a vortex, which enveloped the Heavenly Emperor and kept it from moving.

Seeing all this, the Heavenly Emperor was also calm and comfortable, always with mockery at the corner of his mouth.


5 The power of the radiant saint beast roared at the forehead of the Heavenly Emperor.Suddenly, but heard the cracking sound of Dao Dao, an extremely terrifying black power immediately appeared in front of the Heavenly Emperor.

"this is……"

"Hehehe...yes, it is the power of destruction you have always wanted, this time we will give it to you in one go!" A bloody cold glow crossed the corner of his mouth, Kunpeng shouted.

The other four beasts also had cold eyes, staring at him closely, with hope shining in their eyes.I hope that the combined forces of Five Great Saint Beasts and the power of the condone close to Supreme Peak can hit him hard.

But obviously, the Heavenly Emperor was an indifferent expression for this.

"The power of destroying the world... he he he, if I saw this in ancient times, I would be very excited. It's a pity that I don't need it anymore!"

"World Extinguishing Thunder Flame Pupil!"


A terrible thing happened. The left pupil of the Heavenly Emperor suddenly flashed through the dark thunder flame, and the 4 golden halo on the right pupil shone brightly: "thunder flame air shock!"

boom ~ boom ~ ……

The violent energy burst out one after another.The same is the power of destroying the world, the temporarily synthesized power of 5 saint beast and the already mature power of Heavenly Emperor oppose each other, immediately forming an incomparable shock wave, and instantly blasting the 5 beasts out.The horrible black swept away for 1000 miles, and everything it passed was instantly turned into nothingness.Some imperial powerhouses that hadn't had time to run far, also disappeared in the blink of an eye.

But in an instant, ten thousand li away, there is no more vitality.

Shaking and pointing to the Heavenly Emperor, Kunpeng's mouth was hung with blood, and he looked a little weak: "This is Zhuo Fan's World Extinguishing Thunder Flame Pupil,"

"Yeah, didn't I just say that, everything about him was absorbed by me!"

A ridicule crossed the corner of his mouth, and the Heavenly Emperor exhaled: "Speaking of my younger brother, I finally did a good thing for his big brother. I was able to bring back this world-destroying power. It won't be a waste of my years of tolerance. Keep his chess piece to this day. And this power belongs to your 5 saint beasts. So now, I will use this power to perfect you and send you to the west. It is also considered the fallen leaves to return to their roots, he he he... "

An evil flashed in his eyes, and the Heavenly Emperor suddenly shouted: "Then let's start with you, Kunpeng of cunning, the thunder flame broke through the sky!"


The terrifying thunder flame, turned into a pitch black flame column with a radius of ten zhang, shot sharply towards Kunpeng's huge body, and it was almost there.

Seeing this scene, Kunpeng was shocked, and his heart sank suddenly.

It's over, in the end, he will die in the hands of the Heavenly Emperor.


However, just when the flame column was about to hit him, it suddenly exploded and spattered.

The eyes shook slightly, and the Heavenly Emperor stopped immediately and stared closely.When the thunder flame disperses, what appears in front of him is a familiar silhouette.

Dressed in white, waving in the wind, with a palm gently stretched forward, after blocking the horrifying flame column, it slowly fell, revealing the two pupils exactly similar to the Heavenly Emperor.

"Father!" Gu Santong and Que'er called out after seeing each other. When Kunpeng saw it, he couldn't help yelling: "Zhuo Fan, you are finally back!"

"No, he is not Zhuo Fan!"

However, after taking a deep look at him, the Heavenly Emperor sneered and shook his head: "younger brother, you borrowed the Remnant Soul of Grand Dao and Zhuo Fan from the reincarnation to resurrect. It's just this time, you are Love Heavenly Dao, or kill Grand Dao?"

There is no expression on the face. Zhuo Fan's eyes are calmly like lake water. He looked at the Heavenly Emperor for a little, but he smiled, shook his head and said: "Heavenly Emperor, I think you have misunderstood, I am Zhuo Fan, not Brother Ling. I am not repairing Heavenly Dao, but Demon Dao!"

"Your current power, isn't it the sentimental Heavenly Dao of my younger brother?" The brows flicked, and the Heavenly Emperor's eyes were puzzled, "Even if you are in a relationship between the past and the world, after all, you are not the same person. If one comes back, there must be one. Disappear. My silly younger brother said he would come back to stop me, how could he disappear? And how could you get this power?"

Slightly smiled, Zhuo Fan indifferent expression: "You’re right, he disappeared, and I’m back, just because he thinks I can stop you more, even if you reach the Supreme state, he can’t help but when I can prevent!"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, the Supreme Realm equivalent to legendary god. But gods and demons are opposed to each other, and only demons can drive gods off the throne!" Corner of the mouth raised, Zhuo Fan looked up at the sky, and said in a daze: "God destroys the world. The world is clear. But the devil comes from the people and will not let you do this. The gods and devil from the very beginning are opposites. This is the will of God. Although the Nether Master said that he gave the Emperor Dao to the brother, I fell I feel that, in the dark, my brother made a wish to stop you from destroying the world before falling into Demon Dao and becoming the me now!"

"Hmph, then why do you stop me? Trifling Demon Dao, how can you step into the Supreme Realm?"

"What about this..."

The corner of his mouth crossed Xinran, Zhuo Fan murmured leisurely: "I can't tell, but it seems that I touched another door. Since ancient times, no one has touched the threshold, including you and Ling brother, he he he ."

With a trembling face, the Heavenly Emperor took a deep look at him: "Another door? Huh, talk nonsense can't even reach the Supreme realm, but now it's only Supreme. What higher realms are you talking about? Zhuo Fan, I don't know you. What is the difference between my younger brother’s sentimental Heavenly Dao, but Heavenly Dao is ruthless, and the situation is set. When I set foot on the Supreme, it will be the opportunity to destroy the world. Now you have also brought the Samsara Grand Dao, just to my liking!"


Tone barely fell, the huge eye pupil in the sky gave birth again: "Hand over the last one, Zhuo Fan!"

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Demonic Emperor Chapter 1311

Demonic Emperor

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peng ~ peng ~ peng ~ ……

One after another, there were loud noises one after another, and the 5 people in Kunpeng immediately fell in front of the 8 people. The gurgling and powerful imposing manner caused the 8 people's hearts to stagnate, a series of crash-bangs, and the whole holy body was completely shattered. , Broken into dross.

The heart was horrified, and the eight people couldn't stop retreating back and forth, and their faces suddenly became solemn.

Five Great Saint Beasts, equivalent to 5 emperors, they can actually abolish their saints in an imposing manner, and their strength gap is really not to be calculated.

Although the emperor Zhun touched the edge of the Emperor Realm, he was still as different as heaven and earth from the real emperor.

"Yunhai, Old Li, Old Qiu..."

Looking up at the mountains of corpses around, Gu Santong quickly saw several familiar silhouettes, his pupils stared, and his fists clenched tightly.

Seeing this, Kunpeng also glanced at all around the corpses, and couldn't help but shook his head and sighed: "Silly, what's the use of you doing this? The old man just said a little bit, let you watch the changes, you just... oh... …"

"Maybe this is humanity, it is humanity!"

Breathes deeply, one of the one-eyed eyes of the Sea Turtle trembled lightly, and then looked towards Xiaozhuzhi, and shouted: "Sword Emperor, you come out to the old man and look at these humans who died at your door, isn't it you? Is the humanity you ever yearned for?"

With a shock, the Sword Emperor glanced outside the courtyard, his complexion slightly heavy, and there seemed to be many entanglements deep in his eyes.

At this time, the voice of the Heavenly Emperor in the room sounded: "Jianxin, the old fellow is calling you, go out and make a break, with the sword of humanity you used to..."

call out!

With the sky-splitting sound, a seven colors light fell steeply into the body of the Sword Emperor. The Sword Emperor shook his body, and the imposing manner suddenly rose: "Heavenly Emperor, have you returned Emperor Dao to me?"

"You are my Heavenly Sword, and yours is mine. It's like I want to refining the Ten Dao, which naturally includes your Sword Dao, and you have no objection. Now that foreign enemies are coming, I cultivated to the critical moment. The only thing I can rely on is You. Go ahead, lead the 8 dead people and block the beasts!"

whiz whiz whiz ...

With that said, one after another seven colors light suddenly flew out of the Heavenly Emperor’s room, then crossed the small courtyard, and flew directly to the eight quasi emperors who were crushed in front of the saint beast so that their legs could not stand straight within the body.

In an instant, the bodies of the eight people shook, as if suddenly with infinite power, the imposing manner rose sharply, and the violent imposing manner made the entire heaven and earth shake.

"This...this is... the power of Emperor Realm?"

With excited rays of light flashing in his eyes, the red-haired man couldn’t help but laugh out: "hahaha...the Heavenly Emperor did not lie to us. When he wins the other emperor Grand Dao, he will give it to me and help me wait for the breakthrough. Emperor Realm, fulfill his lifelong wish!"

When the other 7 people heard and felt the vigorous power, they couldn't help being excited and laughing again and again.

Only Kunpeng and the others, watching all this coldly, indifferent.

call out!

A black shadow flashed by, and the Sword Emperor silhouette appeared and came to everyone's eyes. Holding a bright white long sword in his hand, the sword edge was sharp and pointed directly at the opposite 6 people.

When Sea Turtle saw it, one eye was shaking slightly, and he scolded: "Iron Jianxin, you finally appeared. The old man was a good friend of you back then, why did you shoot me?"

"Loyalty cannot be complete, I can only say sorry!"

"Hmph, you and I used to study Sword Dao back then. You said that you realized Sword Dao, but your own Sword Dao can no longer be cultivated. Now I find a heir for you, and help him in the cave where you enlightened. Enlightenment!"

Gently patted the sword child on the shoulder and pushed him out. Sea Turtle provocatively said, "Now your Sword Dao is against the human Sword Dao, you also want to know what is stronger and weaker. Then come and try with him. , The Sword Dao that you created with your heart is stronger, and it is better to follow the Sword Dao that the Heavenly Emperor understands!"


A loud chanting sounded, sword child raised a dark long sword in his hand, and pointed it at him firmly, "I am a demon sword, and you are a heavenly sword. Before my father and the Heavenly Emperor can win or lose, let's come first. Fight!"

"He he he...well, Sword Dao has only one dao wielder. Since we are all Sword Dao emperors, we must fight no matter what!" With a chuckle, the Sword Emperor fighting intent is full, and when we step on our feet, we slam Rush to the sword child.

Sword child did not back down either, One Sword Flying Immortal, in the blink of an eye, two long swords were intertwined instantly.But it's just a moment, it's already a thousand swords.


Two people stand and reach each other, silent and motionless. At the next moment, the hong long long burst, and the whole sky burst open, and it turned into a pitch black space, and the sun and moon starlight was no longer visible.

I was shocked, everyone was shocked, and those imperial domain cultivators stepped back simultaneously and never took a step forward.They weren't scared anymore, but they knew in their hearts that at this moment, they couldn't help much. Whether they could stop the Heavenly Emperor was up to them.

A leaf drifted with the wind and slowly fell between the two people. Neither the Sword Child nor the Sword Emperor moved. The moment the leaf fell to the ground, it finally flashed and disappeared.

Immediately afterwards, the ear-piercing buzzing of ding ding dong dong resounded in every corner between heaven and earth, but the silhouette of two people was not visible.Only 2 saint beasts and 5 Zhundi can see their sword qi intertwined, going back and forth.

I couldn't help rubbing his palms in excitement, and the eight quasi-emperors also had their hands itchy. They looked towards Five Great Saint Beasts, laughed heartily, and yelled: "The saint beast is rumored to be as powerful as the emperor. I hope you can enlighten me, is it possible?"

"you guys?"

With a frown, Kunpeng immediately twitched his lips with disdain: "I'm afraid I don't have the qualification yet!"

With a heavy complexion, the red-haired man sneered: "If you have this qualification, you will know if you have a try!"


With a fierce foot, the red-haired man rushed to Kunpeng, and the others followed.He smiled and shook his head, Kunpeng 5 saint beast glanced at each other and simultaneously greeted them.

As a result, 5 beasts and 8 people immediately ran into each other, and violent energy flew all around every corner.However, what was surprising was that it was just a trick. The eight quasi emperors who failed to act cool were all knocked to the ground, and the rushing blood couldn't stop vomiting.

"How... how is it possible?"

The pupils of the eyes shrank fiercely, and everyone was shocked: "We are already emperors, why are we defeated by saint beast so easily?"

With a grin, Kunpeng twitched his lips disdainfully: "What kind of emperor, but a pseudo-emperor. How can it be so easy to become an emperor? You know, all emperors have been comprehend on the way for many years and become a Dao Ancestor. Enlightenment. What you cultivate is Sword Dao, and your Emperor Realm Grand Dao within the body is owned by the rest of the emperors. It is totally incompatible with you. How can you exert the true power of the Emperor Realm Grand Dao?"

"This is impossible, Heavenly Emperor said, as long as you have the Emperor Realm Grand Dao, you can become an emperor. How could..."

"He lied to you. Otherwise, he himself was hurt by love and couldn't walk around the world. How could you let you work hard for him? Saying that you are also the people who set foot on the Peak in the Mortal Rank, how could you get caught in this? A little trail? Alas, greed really blinded your eyes, he he he..."

Sneered and shook his head, Kunpeng indifferent expression.The eight quasi emperors also showed inexplicable colors, and deep in their eyes, they were all confused.

At this moment, another loud noise broke out, and the two silhouettes separated again, standing in the air.It's just that the sword child stands with his sword, majestic and majestic, but the arm of the Sword Emperor is stained with red clouds.

Bowing his head and looking at the gurgling blood on his arm, the Sword Emperor looked towards sword child again and smiled cheerfully: "You have won. From now on, you are the Sword Emperor!"

"No, you let me!" Sword Child slowly shook his head, and his eyes were puzzled: "Why? If you do your best, I may not be your opponent!"

Without speaking, the Sword Emperor turned his head and looked towards Sea Turtle, but was just silent.

"Sword Heart!"

However, at this moment, a coldly shouted suddenly sounded, and a huge golden eye pupil suddenly appeared above the nine heavens: "You are ultimately the humanity of choice!"

Unable to stop shrinking his pupils, Kunpeng stepped back again and again, and said in surprise: "Heavenly Emperor?"

"Heavenly Emperor, I owed Sea Turtle back then, and I don't want to betray you. Now I am defeated by Sword Dao, the man I realized at the beginning, and it is no regrets!"

"I know that your Sword Dao is no longer a pure heavenly sword, otherwise he was impossible to control your Emperor Dao. So over the years, knowing that no one can match your Sword Dao, I didn't let you teach these useless people. Now it seems that it was really a wise move!"


Unexpectedly, those quasi-emperors looked towards the sky: "Heavenly Emperor, are we useless in your eyes?"

"Hmph, of course, but compared to other ants, it's already very good! Now you can't help me much, Emperor Dao is within the body, it's a waste, come back together!"

The vast coldly shouted, resounding across the sky, everyone trembled, and immediately flew into the sky involuntarily simultaneously. The eight quasi emperors screamed again and again, but disappeared in the giant pupil in the blink of an eye.

Sword Emperor expressionless, the body was also drawn to the huge eyes step by step. Seeing this, Sea Turtle quickly came to him, grabbed his wrist, and yelled: "Iron Jianxin, explain to me what is meant by return? The old man is in love?"

"I am the Heavenly Emperor Heavenly Sword. I will never betray him. The only thing I can do is to pass on my Taoism. As for whether that person can integrate the ten Taoists, it depends on God's will!"


A sword qi shot out from the fingertips and immediately knocked the Sea Turtle back, and the Sword Emperor was sucked into the huge pupils.Just before he disappeared, the corners of his mouth curled up with joy: "Brother Sea Turtle, goodbye, I hope you will not be touched by the extinction..."

"Iron Jianxin!"

Sea Turtle roar, one eye pupil was constantly trembling, but he could no longer hear the voice of the Sword Emperor. He and his Tao were absorbed by the Void Clarity Grand Dao of the Heavenly Emperor.

call out!

At the same time, with the sky-splitting sound, that Jingyue Xiaozhu suddenly burst open, a white silhouette flew in front of everyone suddenly, stepped on the top of the mountain, glanced down 5 beasts with a sword, and a corner of his mouth. Oh, shouted loudly: "Beasts, I've been arrogant for a long time, I'm here to play with you!"

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Demonic Emperor Chapter 1310

Demonic Emperor

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"Oh, so that's how it is!"

In the Luo Family living room, 3 saint beasts sat around a table to understand the entire process of development thoroughly. Dragon Ancestor couldn't help but sigh: "So, Heavenly Emperor and Zhuo Fan are really fate!"

"They are both Heavenly Dao, but are moving towards the 2nd pole, loving and killing the brother......" Slightly nodded, Kunpeng turned his head and looked towards the rest of the crowd: "Now Heavenly Emperor and Zhuo Fan are both refining ten Dao, but one is getting One is the experience of the ten Dao insights. Whoever realizes the Supreme Grand Dao first will be in charge of heaven and earth, including 10000 and 1000 creatures."

Frowning deeply, Sea Turtle pondered then said: "Then what we are going to do now is..."

"Interfere with Heavenly Emperor cultivation and buy time for Zhuo Fan!"

A wise and brilliant flash of light flashed in his eyes, and Kunpeng was full of solemnity: "This matter requires many experts, Qilin and Que'er. You follow me and the old dragon. We gather all the clansman to help you complete the final saint beast body."

Look at each other, 2 people are simultaneously nodded.

Then, Sea Turtle looked towards the sword child on the side: "You also come with the old man. The Sword Emperor became the place of Taoism back then. I want to come and help you. As Zhuo Fan's demon sword, your opponent is the Heavenly Emperor sword, Sword The Emperor is here!"

"it is good!"

The pupils condensed, and Sword Child's fists were also tightly clenched, and there was a raging war in his eyes.

There are probably only those who can play a role. The 3 saint beasts shouldn’t be too late, and immediately took them out of here, and went to the cultivation separately, leaving only the Luo Family. It seemed that they were not at all.

Luo Yunhai thought a little, and there was a will to die in his eyes, shouted loudly: "Everyone, whoever is willing to die with me, come with me!"

"Yunhai!" With a tight heart, Luo Yunshang shouted immediately.As if he knew what he was going to do, his eyes were full of entanglement.

With a sigh of relief, Luo Yunhai breathes deeply, and sighed: "Under the cover of the nest, are there any eggs? If heaven and earth are destroyed, no one can escape the robbery. Although we are weak, we are just like the siege of Undefeated Sword Venerable. The number is still dominant. Even if this trick does not threaten the emperor, it can delay his time, it is excellent, isn't it?"

With that said, Luo Yunhai has left here in strides.When the rest of the people saw it, they also followed without leaving, their faces were full of death, without hesitation.

At this time, Luo Yunshang did not stop him anymore, but closed his eyes in meditation and prayed to God that Zhuo Fan could leave the customs as soon as possible and save Yunhai again.

Three days later, Luo Yunhai led the battle strength of the entire imperial domain to Jingyue Xiaozhu’s place, looked at the imposing manner of the imposing boundary, waved his hand without hesitation, and accompanied by the roar sound, Li Jingtian and the others With all army, simultaneously rushed to the small building.

But as soon as they rushed outside the boundary of Xiaozhu, they hit the ground with a loud noise, and they flew out of the sky. They broke up in the air and turned into flesh and blood.In the blink of an eye, 4 people were killed.

Seeing this, everyone felt anxious. Some experts in the Imperial Domain who had just returned to the Luo Family had seen such a tragic phenomenon. Their legs were already weak.

However, none of the members of the original Luo Family were timid. They had already put their life and death aside, and understood what a soldier's mission was.

In the past, they were to protect the 3 surnames of a small empire, but now they protect the lives of the people in the world, because there are their most beloved people.

For them, even if they know that the way forward is death, it is not even of any use, they will be fierce and unafraid of death, after all, this is the only thing they can do for their loved ones...

Since then, under the leadership of the Luo Family team, waves of experts resounded through Saint Territory, slamming into the barrier with their flesh and blood, up 1000, up 10000, hundreds of thousands, huge explosions, resounding throughout heaven and earth.

However, as for the barriers placed by the Heavenly Emperor, even if they lose more people, it is of no use.However, the noise was quite loud, and maybe they couldn't stand their noise, and the Eight Great Zhundi finally showed up.

Xiu xiu xiu!

One after another black shadow flashed, accompanied by the sword qi, and the 10000 expert who was about to rush forward instantly turned into ashes.A man with a red face and a red beard came forward and shouted: "A bunch of ants, if you want to die, hang on a crooked-neck tree by yourself. What are you making here? Excuse my family's Master, Qingxiu!"

"Really, that's very good, that's why we are here!"

With a smile across his mouth, Luo Yunhai faintly said: "If we can disturb him, our fate will not be in vain!"

Eyelids trembled, the redhead looked towards him, coldly shouted and asked: "Is it worth it to interrupt my family's Master for taking so many lives?"

"worth it!"

With a certain look in his eyes, Luo Yunhai waved his hand again, and Qiu Yanhai husband and wife two people immediately led a group of experts to rush forward. The fierce and unafraid of death, the powerful imposing manner, and the emperor's seal, suddenly smashed at 8 people.


With a loud bang, 8 people waved their fingers together, and all the people who rushed over were scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, including the humerus when the Luo Family was established.

But Luo Yunhai didn’t even blink his eyelids. He didn’t waver in his heart. He still waved his hand. Heaven and earth Two Venerables led the men and horses to continue the desperate advance, and there was no such thing as being affected by the tragedy just now. influences.

eyes squinted slightly, the red-haired man took a deep look at everyone, and a bewilderment flashed deep in his eyes.

Why, these people are really not afraid of death?Humph, don’t believe the old man, to catch brigands, first catch their king!

Thinking like this, the red-haired man flickered and already came to Luo Yunhai. No one could stop him.With just one move, he grabbed Luo Yunhai’s throat and sneered again and again: "Snakes have no heads, you are their commander. You are dead, they are just a plate of loose sand. You ants like you don’t even have a powerhouse, yes. Best to deal with, hmph!"

"Really, let's try it!" With a sneer, Luo Yunhai didn't have a trace of fear, and even his face remained calm: "Even if I die, they still won't shrink back, because all of us understand a little bit. Here are shrinking. The destruction of the world will happen, and no one can escape!"

"There is also a difference between dying early and dying late. One day can be counted as one day!"

"You are wrong, do you think we are fighting for our lives?"

"Is not it?"

With a smile shook the head, Luo Yunhai immediately sneered: "I have heard about the Heavenly Emperor. You have been with the Heavenly Emperor for too long, and you have forgotten the strongest aspect of humanity. Maybe usually, the eight quasi emperors will be scared. But not now. Because behind us, there are people we must protect!"

Luo Yunhai's voice rippled across the sky and reached the ears of everyone present.Those powerhouses in the imperial domain originally had a retreat heart, but when they heard this, they suddenly stopped and stayed a little, without any hesitation in their eyes, they roared and charged forward in groups.


With a palm hit, Luo Yunhai was knocked out, vomiting blood, and fell to the ground, no longer alive.The redhead smiled coldly, glanced at the crowd contemptuously, but startedled suddenly.

Because he discovered that the leader was dead, those people seemed indifferent, did not hesitate or flinch, or even fear.As Luo Yunhai just said, now they don't need someone to take the lead, they know what they are going to do, and they will do it all.

Huh, overestimate one's capabilities!

With a sneer in the heart, the eight quasi-emperors rushed out immediately, like a wolf entering a flock, a burst of slaughter all sides, blood flew brightly, and the entire sky was red.But what is weird is that there was no scream in this endless fight.

Sword Emperor stood in front of the courtyard, looked at this scene, said nothing, turned around and went back.When he came to the Heavenly Emperor's room, he stopped and stood there quietly.

After a while, the Heavenly Emperor came out from the room asking: "The roar outside is still the same, hasn't it been driven away?"

"Heavenly Emperor, they are here to disturb you to clean up, they want to come and can't drive away!"

"Hmph hum, a group of ignorant things, in this state of mind, how can some noise be heard and hinder cultivation?"

"Yeah, the world is dull and doesn't know that they are doing useless work, but I think they will continue even if they know it!" A sad smile crossed the corner of his mouth, and the Sword Emperor couldn't help sighing: "I've seen it for the first time. A group of ants dared to fight when they saw Emperor Zhun. Do they think that the number of ants in front of Emperor Zhun would have an advantage?"

Without speaking, Heavenly Emperor was silent, Sword Emperor was slightly nodded, turned and left.

The fighting outside didn't stop, and the first battle was more than March, the blood has already dyed the entire land red, and countless corpses covered every corner outside Jingyue Xiaozhu.

The eight quasi emperors stood in front of everyone, looking at the city wall that seemed to be made of flesh and blood, and they were still advancing, and their hearts were also awe-inspiring.

They are also people who have read all over the world, and have seen all kinds of human beings, but this is the first time they have seen such people, especially in groups.

Is it the last struggle before dying?

Hehe, of course not. They have seen countless madnesses like that, but no one has such a look.

As if at this moment, all human beings have become a kind of people, the heroes of the legendary fierce and unafraid of death.Of course, that is just an ideal legend, real people can't do this.

But now, these people have done it!

"If it's normal, I will let you go!"


A huge silhouette appeared, and the red-haired man immediately showed his saintly body, a scarlet sword pointed finger towards the opposite side: "Unfortunately now, if you dare to step forward, the old man can only be ruthless!"

As if not hearing his words at all, everyone was indifferent.

The redhead coldly smiled, nodded: "Very well, the old man respects you...Go to hell!"

call out!

A sword glow slammed towards everyone, exuding Death Aura.In the face of all this, everyone's eyes were still firm, just like ordinary people.


However, the cold sword glow hadn't come to the front of the crowd, and it was already shattered. A young silhouette fell in front of the three people and shouted, "Sword Emperor!"


A violent hurricane swept through for 9 days, and the eight quasi emperors were forced to retreat again and again, with a panic.The Sword Emperor, who was standing still in the backyard of Xiaozhu, shook his body even more, looking towards the outside of the courtyard in amazement, and said in surprise: "Emperor's breath? That kid... has become enlightened!"

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Demonic Emperor Chapter 1309

Demonic Emperor

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With a dumb smile, the Nine Nether 2 looked at each other, differing expression.

In the end, Nine Nether corrected the color and explained: "You are wrong to blame those old fellows. For your self-sacrifice and saving the common people, everyone is grateful for your self-sacrifice. Will you be reluctant to save you? Just to allow you to successfully cultivation Nine Nether Secret Record. Only the old man can guide you."

"Nine Nether Secret Record?"

"Yes, you also saw it at that time. The moment you were closest to the power of the Supreme Realm was when you united the 9 Dao. At that time, even the severely injured Sword Emperor couldn't control his Emperor Dao. You are attracted."

The bright glow flashed in his eyes, and Nine Nether stared at him closely: "The old man is sure, your love Heavenly Dao, the way to step onto the Supreme realm is the nine ways of the emperor of humanity. Heaven and earth law, nine deaths and still alive, even if the world-destroying Grand Dao is born, there will still be Grand Dao who fights with it. And this way is your loving Heavenly Dao. Or, your Emperor Dao was unable to condense for a long time, just waiting for one Opportunity, ten ways into one. Void Clarity Grand Dao plus 9 humanities can help you gather Supreme Grand Dao and become the master of heaven and earth!"

"That is to say, that Heavenly Emperor younger brother is not unable to condense Emperor Dao, but he has been chosen to control the ten realms. God's will is not to destroy the world, but his love is rooted and he fell into the world. The way."

"It should be like this, but God’s will is unpredictable, and we can only judge it with our own hearts. Who knows the truth of Grand Dao? Even Emperor Realm dare not say that he is a representative of heaven and earth, even Supreme, or not ..."

The eyes flashed and deep, Nine Nether murmured, but shook her head again: "Forget it, anyway, these are not things we can understand. What we can do is to follow our way and save the world from crisis. That’s all. So, you have this aptitude, and I just created the Heavenly Demon Great Transformation Art. I want to take the opportunity to try it and use this cultivation technique to help you become a Full Mastery. When you take control of Supreme, Just as there are only ten emperors in heaven and earth, Supreme should have only one person, and there will be no more extinction Supreme. Even if you do, you will have a way to resist, and you will be lucky to live."

Clearly nodded, Zhuo Fan understood in his heart: "In order to prevent the Heavenly Emperor from gaining the way to destroy the world, you must first grab the position in charge of the heaven and earth. It's just are not afraid of the Heavenly Emperor blocking it?"

"You have the Emperor Realm Grand Dao, and the trajectory of your destiny is hidden and no one can find it. Only the Emperor Dao of the old man is there to guide you to explore Demon Dao.’s easy to get in and out of it. Demon Dao’s biggest The difficulty lies in exploring and wandering among various desires, and finally being able to jump out of the heart demon and reach the realm of Grand Dao, who understands the hearts of the world. There is no desire and no desire. This is easy to say, but it is even more difficult to do. How many Those who repair Orthodox Dao can't escape the control of the heart demon, let alone being in the middle of a demon?"

Unable to stop lighting his head, Zhuo Fan was most emotional: "Nine Nether Master said it was right. I have also been deeply involved in the way of little demon. I have been lingering for a long time. People who have seen all kinds of Demon Dao, some even more It’s Demon Dao in the Orthodox Dao coat. It’s really difficult to jump out of it. Fortunately, I’m fairly enlightened, and the aptitude is good. Even today, I’m also a murderer and arson. Oh, look. I still have the talent to come to repair demons, he he he..."

"Nature ass!"

His face couldn't stop shaking, Nine Nether was speechless for a while: "Do you know, how many years did the old man wait for you to come here?"

"Well, it should be more than 5000 years old!"

After thinking about it carefully, Zhuo Fan broke his fingers and calculated: "I spent a few 100 years in Saint Territory cultivation, reincarnated and reborn, in the past 5000 years, and cultivation for 100 years. The enlightenment has been fruitful, and it is too fast. right!"

Rolling his eyes helplessly, Nine Nether said nothing, but Samsara Great Emperor haha ​​smiled: "You have been this life for more than 5000 years!"

"What do you mean? Do I have many lives?"

"Since the fall of ancient times, there have been a total of thirty two lives. Most of them died without even getting the Nether Secret Record. A lot of time was wasted!"

"Wh...what, thirty two lives? So many?" Unconsciously, Zhuo Fan couldn't believe that he had reincarnated so many times.

Nine Nether glanced at him lightly, faintly said: "Heavenly Demon Great Transformation Art is to integrate all Taoism, so you must keep yourself as empty as white paper in each life, which means that all the previous dao lineages are abolished. . So every time you reincarnated, you will be erased once. When you get the Nether Secret Record, it will only be 4 or 5 times. Fortunately, this time it succeeded. Like the previous few times...humph, otherwise it’s scary You have to dare not practice, or else just like your discipline, you don’t want to abolish the cultivation base yourself, but also want to seize every opportunity, so you just practice hard, and finally the cultivation deviation hangs. The mistakes the little demons in your mouth have made, you It’s the same for several lifetimes, but also aptitude, hehe!"

"Uh... how is this possible?"

Unconsciously, Zhuo Fan was surprised: "But my Nine Nether Secret Record was found in your Demon Palace. If someone has found it before, who put it back?"

Looking at each other, the two people said in unison: "Heavenly Emperor!"


"You are so surprised, in the world of thirty two, the Heavenly Emperor has been staring at our actions and at Saint Territory. My Demon Emperor's Nine Nether Secret Record is here. Will he not pay attention?"

"Then, he already knew?"

"of course!"

"Then why not stop it?"

"Why stop?" Shrugged slightly, Nine Nether Demon Emperor lightly said with a smile: "Since he discovered Nine Nether Secret Record, you have been reincarnated so many times. With his ingenuity, he probably guessed our plan. . But this plan is also beneficial to him. First of all, he is in love with the emperor’s love Gu, he can’t get rid of it, nor can he set foot on the love emperor’s barrier, but he hopes you will bring him the love emperor Grand Dao to relieve him. Then he breakthrough Supreme I don’t know when and how long it will be. Now that the Void Clarity Grand Dao in the body is damaged, it is even less reachable. If he can unite the ten ways and help him get things done, why not?"

"Furthermore, his Void Clarity Grand Dao can definitely hold 10000 objects, including the Emperor Grand Dao. But he wants to integrate Emperor Realm Grand Dao, but he can’t. Now see the old man’s Heavenly Demon Great Transformation Art, I guess the teeth of laughter are about to fly out, how can you stop it? Didn't you find out that he has been promoting this plan?"

His brow furrowed deeply, Zhuo Fan thought a little, his eyes remained puzzled: "But he wants Heavenly Demon Great Transformation Art, can't he just grab it by himself? You have to put it back again and let me take it out again and again?"

"What is the first sentence of Heavenly Demon Great Transformation Art? If you want to practice divine art, you must first abolish the cultivation base. Not only that, for Emperor Realm, even Grand Dao will also be abolished."

Coldly smiled, Nine Nether raised his eyebrows: "For such a true or false Divine Ability, Heavenly Emperor, the strongest emperor who is almost touching the Supreme realm, will stupidly abolish all the cultivation base, even the Void Clarity Grand Dao No, do you want to repair Demon Dao? The risks involved cannot be calculated, besides, there may be traps. You are the Heavenly Emperor, how do you choose?"

Scratching his head, Zhuo Fan couldn't help but exhale, agreeing: "That's right, those who have achieved fame, why bother to start from scratch? Although it is related to the higher Grand Dao, the risk is still great. Even the emperor does not have the courage. what!"

"Yeah, he doesn't have the courage. Others' cultivation and aptitude are too bad, and he has no hope. Only you, the younger brother, is full of confidence in you just like us. It's a pity, the reincarnation of the thirty two world seems You don’t have any innate talent for Demon Dao. He really can’t stand it. This life finally took action and was dedicated to you. Sure enough, the effect is different. Get some tips from the famous, and you’ll get your hands on it right away, he he he..."

His face couldn't stop twitching, Zhuo Fan was suddenly speechless: "How come it seems that you and the Heavenly Emperor are not like enemies, but rather like a gang, just take me to get rid of!"

"You're right, expert moves, everything is open and honest, you are our common pawn, although the purpose is different, but in a short time, our interests are the same!"

"Then say that, you have also made preparations to guide me?"

"Of course, we have made preparations everywhere in the world. At the moment you cultivation Heavenly Demon Great Transformation Art, start to guide!" Nodded, Nine Nether lightly said with a smile: "Saint Territory is created by the Nether Emperor They deployed and left many avatars in different realms. The Cloud Emperor deliberately carried the Emperor Realm Grand Dao, sneaked into the Mortal Rank through the heaven and earth wind cave, and conveyed our plan to Kunpeng, waiting for your big drive. As a cultivator It’s unavoidable to take risks. The Mortal Rank Myriad Beasts Mountain Range is a must-go for every cultivator. If you fall into the Mortal Rank, you should go there too!"

"But what if I didn't go?"

"The 1st stage, we can't guide you, just wait for your 2nd stage to happen!"

"2nd Stage happened?"

"Yes, when you are willing to give away your Emperor Realm Grand Dao!" In his eyes, Nine Nether must have a cheerful smile: "Demon Dao is most personal, if you are really willing to give your Grand Dao to others, it means you Has jumped out of the heart demon, and realized Demon Dao to the highest realm with the Heavenly Demon Great Transformation Art. At this time, your destiny track will appear in the sky, and the Cloud Emperor will send people to find you and lead you to accept the inheritance of the emperors, and achieve the plan The Heiner 100 Sichuan!"

So that's how it is !

Everything is clear, Zhuo Fan exhales, eyes startled. It turns out that his life has been delineated by these powerhouses. After reaching a certain level, he will be promoted to the next first stage.

If they fail to reach it, they will be mediocre for a lifetime, and will fight again and again in the next life, in order to achieve their respective interests.

"How do I feel like your plaything?"

"No, the plaything is at the mercy of others. We are just guiding, and we cannot completely influence your decision." Shook the head slowly, and Nine Nether's face was solemn: "Just like now, where your heart is going, we can't decide. , We can't control your choice, everything is in your own hands, including our expectations and the lives of all the people in the world!"

Hearing this, Zhuo Fan raised his eyes and patrolled the sincere faces of the two people for a while, determined to be nodded: "Well, let's start, I accept the inheritance of the previous life..."

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Demonic Emperor Chapter 1308

Demonic Emperor

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The 7-color palm print fiercely hit the Heavenly Eye and immediately smashed it to pieces.

Heavenly Emperor staggered, pu' sound, and vomited a mouthful of red blood, already seriously injured.When he raised his head again, his face was pale, and he stared at the silhouette that was gradually disappearing in the black breath, his eyes trembled: "Even though he died during meditation, he gained the power of the Supreme realm for a moment... Humph , Ok, younger brother, you win this time. But in the end, you still lose."

"The only people who touch the Supreme threshold in this world are you and me. This time you can use Supreme Divine Ability to hit me once. When my injury recovers, who can stop me next time? You are just destroying the world. , Delay that's all backwards. The final winner is me, hmph hmph hmph!"

"wishful thinking !"

However, at this moment, tenderly shouted, a pink dark arrow suddenly shot out of a seven colors light, rushing straight to the Heavenly Emperor.

With a grin, Heavenly Emperor indifferent expression: "Emperor love, even if you are seriously injured now, it is still not your turn to sneak attack. Void Clarity Divine Pupil, space barrier!"

shua ~ shua ~ shua ~!

A series of ten or two invisible barriers were immediately placed in front of the Heavenly Emperor, blocking the red arrow. The Heavenly Emperor raised his head proudly, twitched his lips disdainfully, full of sarcasm.

Bang bang bang ......

But at this moment, mutation occurred, and the left pupil of the Heavenly Emperor suddenly uttered violent thunder, and his invisible barrier instantly crackled to pieces.The pink arrow shot into the Heavenly Emperor within the body without any hindrance, causing its body to shake, and suddenly fell to the ground with convulsions, and the pupils of the two eyes were gradually stained with pink.

"Hahaha...Heavenly Emperor, aren't you the ruthless Grand Dao, are you empty and unintentional? This miss doesn't matter if you hit someone else, but for you, it's fatal. No, even you Void Clarity Grand Dao It's going to be abolished, how do you destroy the world? Hmph!"

"This ... impossible ..."

The neck was flushed red, and the Heavenly Emperor stared at her, hatefully said: "Why does my Purple Thunder Golden Eye riot? Since you dare to take a sneak attack, you must have expected it, why?"

The colorful light flashed, and a Dao Void phantom silhouette appeared, but it was the love emperor Primordial Spirit: "Do you think you won? Long before you went to Kunpeng, he had already come to the door. Your extinction No one will support the plan, but he is afraid of your Void Clarity Divine Pupil. So he and Kunpeng designed a bitter plan. Thunder Phoenix is ​​even more self-sacrificing, leaving a trace of remnant in the purple thunder, breaking your Magical Powers and helping you I planted love in you, now you understand, Heavenly Emperor of World's First!"

"Younger brother, I didn't expect that the final winner this time turned out to be you!"

With his fists clenched tightly, Heavenly Emperor looked at the feathered younger brother silhouette with a painful expression on his face, but showed an evil smile: "Good job, although I have been above you through childhood, but this time I can't Don’t admit it, you won. But now, those emperors only have Grand Dao body protection, and they don’t have any ability. Although this seat is in love, as long as there is a glimmer of survival, it will return in a swirl of dust. Time is my best helper, and the final winner is still me!"

Turning his head suddenly, he came to the Sword Emperor's side, dragging the seriously injured body, and the two of them had to leave.The rest of the emperors are weak, and they can't be helped.

However, at this moment, the younger brother, who was almost scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, suddenly opened his eyes, showing a slight smile, and whispered softly: "Big brother, if there is an afterlife, I will still Stop you!"

"it is good!"

The body stagnated, the Heavenly Emperor didn't turn around, but after a little indulgent, he fixed his head and gritted his teeth and said: "Let's go and see, I'll wait for you!"


The tone barely fell, Heavenly Emperor took the Sword Emperor one step, disappeared. The younger brother was also completely scattered ashes and dispersed smoke in the thick black air.The image on the lake disappeared, only Zhuo Fan, who was watching all this, sighed.

The war between these emperors, brother's rebellion, lies in the difference of Tao, but not personal grievances.

It can be said that this kind of grievance is unprecedented, because it is a contention that is completely detached from the heart demon.And without heart demon, there is no use.

No wonder the Heavenly Emperor said that when the real high-level people fight, they are all placed on the surface layout, because crafty plots and machinations are already negligible at their level.

Even though the Heavenly Emperor was finally overcast by his younger brother...

"how is it?"

Zhuo Fan's face was dumbfounded, but there was an old voice in his ear. He turned his head to look, but saw that it was the old man. He was shocked and hurriedly bowed down: "Junior doesn't know that Senior is Nine Nether Demon Emperor. If you have offended, I hope to forgive you!"

He smiled and waved his hand, Nine Nether didn't care about it: "Ordinary manners, don't be restrained, I will ask you how you feel after seeing this ancient grudge?

"Do you feel..."

Frowning his brows deeply, Zhuo Fan thought a little, gave him a cautiously glance, muttered: "Now I know how you can write a Heavenspan masterpiece like Nether Nether Secret Record!"

"Oh? The protagonist in this image is not me, can you see my experience?"

"Of course, and I didn’t see it through the lake. I just had a little chat with Senior, and I found out that Senior, you really love 8 hexagrams. But it is because of this that you can discover so many secrets and secrets of Saint Territory and compile them. This Nine Nether Secret Record, which covers the world’s anecdotes, is really admirable. From now on, I will never dare to look down on those eight wives who talk about three things and four in Chengri, hehehe..."

"cough cough !"

With a dry cough, Nine Nether couldn't help but touch his beard, which was quite embarrassing: "You know, I am Demon Dao dao wielder, and demons stem from the heart. To understand demons, you have to listen to other people's voices frequently. Over time, there will be some occupational diseases No, you don’t have to go into it. I just ask you, how do you feel about the Heavenly Emperor younger brother?"

With his face startled, Zhuo Fan fell silent, thinking for a long time before murmured: "I am from Demon Dao, the way of selfishness, even if I sacrifice, it is for the people around me, not for the people of the world. I don't have that much love. Heavenly Emperor The younger brother is actually able to live in the world, and would rather the Supreme Grand Dao not be condensed. I asked myself that it is difficult to withstand the temptation. After all, it is like the realm of God, controlling heaven and earth. As for his love roots, he is willing to follow the way of his heart. , To contribute to the world, it is even more commendable, I sigh!"

"It makes sense for you to think so, but..."

Lightly nodding his head, Nine Nether suddenly lifts the head, staring at him closely, and sincerely said: "If I say, he is you, do you believe it?"

After shaking his body, Zhuo Fan looked at him deeply, muttered: "He...Is it me?"

"More precisely, it is your predecessor!"

At this time, another old voice sounded, and a familiar old man appeared in front of him. Zhuo Fan took a closer look and immediately recognized: "Aren't you the ferryman of the Nether Sea? How..."

"I'll introduce, he is the master here, Samsara Great Emperor, who is in charge of the past and the present!"

Slightly smiled, Nine Nether pointed at the old man.The old man also chuckled nodded and explained: "What you saw in the Nether Sea was the old man’s Avatar, but unfortunately it has now been destroyed by the Heavenly Emperor. Now extradited you to Samsara Heavenly Pond to see you. Has it reached, inherits the qualifications of the previous Supreme Heavenly Dao!"

"Supreme Heavenly Dao?"

Unexpectedly, Zhuo Fan was even more confused: "What the hell is going on? That Heavenly Emperor younger brother is my previous life? Isn't he already died during meditation? There is no Emperor Realm Grand Dao, even the Remnant Soul will disappear. , Is it reincarnation here? This is impossible, he scattered ashes and smoke dispersed..."

Looking at each other, the two of them simultaneously laughed out loud.Then Nine Nether looked towards him and said: "Since scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, how did you rebirth, Zhuo Fan?"

"Not recorded in your Nether Secret Record, mind regeneration method?"

"Can an ordinary person be able to do it just by thinking and relying on the rebirth of someone else’s soul? In other words, your Self-destruction and divine soul did not completely disappear at all. Some parts are preserved, and you can’t even damage yourself. This part of the soul, Why is it protected?"

Eyelids trembled lightly, Zhuo Fan suddenly realized: "Emperor Realm Grand Dao?"

"Yes, it is the Emperor Realm Grand Dao of the old man, who has been protecting your divine soul, Undying and Inextinguishable!"

He lightly smiled and lit his head, Nine Nether breathes deeply younger, and faintly said: "When the Heavenly Emperor brother died, the old man made a decisive decision and gave him his Emperor Realm Grand Dao to save him a ray of Remnant Soul. He was reincarnated and reincarnated. Until Old Yu husband himself, he was also reincarnated, but he had to be an ordinary person, and he was no longer a reincarnated emperor!"

Slightly stunned, Zhuo Fan was surprised: "You have also reincarnated, then you are now..."

"It's just a trace of memory..."

After a long spit out one mouthful of impure air, Samsara Great Emperor explained: "Or, it is a trace of obsession. You should know that in my Samsara Heavenly Pond, people who reincarnated will leave behind everything about their life memories, feelings, etc. Nether left this part of thinking about reincarnation. In order to be able to see with your own eyes, you can come back and inherit the original Heavenly Dao according to your plan. It is also considered dead!"

With mixed feelings in his heart, Zhuo Fan took a deep look at Nether: "Image?"

"Yes, not even a divine soul, but an image of obsession. After seeing you, obsession disappears and it will fall away!" A kind smile crossed the corner of his mouth, and Nine Nether patted Zhuo Fan on the shoulder: "Now You have a choice, inherit the original sentimental Heavenly Dao, take back the original strength, keep the original promise, and continue to prevent the Heavenly Emperor from destroying the world. Either do nothing and wait for death. I think the Heavenly Emperor is coming here too, Snatch the reincarnation Heavenly Dao!"

Frowning, Zhuo Fan exclaimed, "Is this a choice? Who wants to wait for death?"

"Of course it's a choice, it's your own choice!"

Slightly smiled, Nine Nether said solemnly: "You also said that you are the most personal Demon Dao, but your past life was affectionate Heavenly Dao, and your hearts are different, so you can't inherit that power, even though you are the same person..."

Eyelids trembled, Zhuo Fan lowered his head hesitantly: "This World, everything can be fake, but only my own heart can never be faked. I have been in Demon Dao for so many years, how can it be said that it changes, How about becoming a great love? In other words, why did I choose Demon Dao back then!"

"Because... you within the body have always been my Demon Dao Emperor Realm, so no matter who you reincarnated and where you were born, you will unnaturally prefer Demon Dao, even if you are the son of the Orthodox Dao Alliance!"

" do I think you are cheating me?"

After shaking his body, Zhuo Fan's mouth was twitched unconsciously: "In that case, why didn't at first give me an Orthodox Dao Emperor Realm? Are they reluctant? Only Nine Nether Master is willing to sacrifice for me? I sacrifice myself. Save the whole world eh, just this treatment?"

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Demonic Emperor Chapter 1307

Demonic Emperor

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"Heavenly Emperor, now he is trapped in the barrier, so he can't run away!"

"Don't worry about it, as long as this Majesty's Void Clarity Grand Dao does not flow out, it will not be a threat for the time being!" Slowly waved his hand, Heavenly Emperor glanced at the Sword Emperor, but his face was gloomy and coldly said: "Now Let's go to the battle first, and end with the old ghost gang of Humanity, and let’s take a look at the ruthless younger brother...hmph! "

As soon as the voice fell, the Heavenly Emperor turned around and disappeared, and the Sword Emperor hurriedly followed.

After one hour, on an empty plain, endless, ten thousand li, no one, only ten familiar silhouettes, have been standing for a long time.

Suddenly, a space fluctuation came out, and Heavenly Emperor 2 arrived. They looked up, but they didn’t look at the other people. They just stared at a white robed man, evil said with a smile: "younger brother, I thought If your roots are broken, you won't be involved in this matter. Why, are you still in love with the world?"

"Although the love is broken, the heart is still there and the feeling is still there!"

took a deep breath, the white-robed man looked sad: "Although I am now isolated from any true love in the world, maybe it was because of the affectionate Heavenly Dao. It is absolutely unbearable to abandon this piece of heaven and earth."

"That's why you didn't condense and extinguish Grand Dao at that time?"

"Maybe!" Eyelids trembled lightly, and the white robe man was slightly nodded.

With a grin, the Heavenly Emperor couldn't help shaking his head: "Ai, miscalculation, I always thought that you have a clear heart and little desires. If you don't have 10000 things in your arms, then you don't care. Didn't expect you to have one more thing about this World. I miss you, and I didn’t expect that when did you think so deeply that you didn’t move at all and let me ignore you!"

"When I heard about your plan, I wanted to dissuade, but I quickly dispelled the idea. Because I know you too well, the things you decide cannot be changed anyway. Instead of exposing my position in advance, It's better to stop it secretly, it's more effective!"

"So you deliberately revealed my plan to these old fellows, and also hinted that I kept the Void Clarity Grand Dao cultivation method, and then colluded with the beasts to steal it, trying to find out the weak spot of my Magical Powers ,Right?"

The corners of his mouth shook slightly, and the Heavenly Emperor's eyes flashed with anger: "It's a pity that the three beasts have been locked up by me. It's not that easy for you to find out what I am. It is not so easy for you to get rid of you. It’s not too late to explore the way to destroy the world, hmph! ”

The complexion greatly changed, and the other emperors looked at each other, and their hearts sank.To capture the three saint beasts so easily, the strength of the Heavenly Emperor, really deep and unmeasurable, should be treated with caution.

Only one eyed man stood up suddenly, shouted loudly in anger: "Heavenly Emperor, you are too rampant, don't forget, your Void Clarity Divine Pupil was once defeated by the old man!"

"Hey, isn't this the Heaven Sealing Sea Turtle? Didn't go stealing with Kunpeng and the others, but ran here to help out. Is it because you want to seal the two pupils again?"

Glancing slantingly, the Heavenly Emperor couldn't help but sneered: "The so-called shifu should be respectful on the 3rd. You are embarrassed to show off what happened 1000 years ago? Now you can't even keep your eyes, you have to seal it. My Divine Pupil? Hehe, a joke!"

Hearing this, Sea Turtle became even more angry, and fiercely glared at the Sword Emperor, gnashing teeth: "Iron Sword Heart, over the past few decades, I have treated you like a good friend. You have to make swords. The old man also helps you collect what you need, but why do you turn your face ruthlessly, to the old man blade and weapon faces one another?"

He didn't speak, and didn't even dare to look at him, the Sword Emperor just lowered his head and looked ashamed.


However, at this moment, there was a loud noise, and Heaven Sealing Sea Turtle hadn't realized what was going on. It trembled suddenly, and suddenly the whole body burst, the thunder glow rolled, and it was knocked out.While still in the air, he couldn't stop spitting out a mouthful of red blood.

On the opposite side of the Heavenly Emperor, there are 2 golden auras in the right pupil, the purple thunder in the left pupil explodes, and the corners of his mouth are drawn in an arc of excitement: "This Primordial Chaos Purple Thunder is really powerful. It really complements my Void Clarity Divine Pupil. he he he ... Kuang Lei broke through the air!"

The continuous purple thunder kept raging on Sea Turtle's body, struggling in the air for a while.

"Leiyin area, really world!"

At this time, the Heavenly Emperor's right pupil changed to twelve layers again.But after listening to the loud bang, accompanied by the loud noise of the purple glow, the body of Sea Turtle disappeared suddenly.

Seeing this, everyone present was simultaneously shocked. An old man in black suit immediately stood up and shouted, "Heavenly Emperor, what do you do with Sea Turtle?"

With a flick of his eyelids, Zhuo Fan by the lake turned his head suspiciously and looked at the old man on the side, and then looked at the silhouette in the lake. Isn't this the same person?It turned out that he was also there.

But what the Heavenly Emperor said next was to make Zhuo Fan turn pale with fright again, even his eyes were about to protrude.

"Nine Nether, I just sent him to a place where he should go. After you have solved the old bastard, I will clean up the beasts!"

Strangely laughed, the Heavenly Emperor glanced coldly at everyone present, mocking again and again: "Why, one animal is missing, do you have no confidence? It turns out that humane emperors rely on beasts to be powerful!"

The complexions were heavier one by one, and everyone's complexion became a little gray. If everyone had no bottom in their hearts before, they would be a little desperate now.

Only in an instant, they couldn't react to the instant that came, Heavenly Emperor killed the saint beast Heaven Sealing Sea Turtle, this toughness was really beyond their reach.

Heavenly Dao is so strong, is it really above humanity...

However, at this moment when morale fell sharply, the white robed man took a light step forward, calmly said indifferently: "We stand here today. It doesn't depend on how strong the Heavenly Emperor is. Go against the Tao in your heart, nothing more!"

The body shook suddenly, and Nine Nether waited for the emperor to look towards the man in the white robe, looking thoughtful, his complexion gradually became firmer, and he regarded death as home.

Yes, as a humane dao wielder, how can you allow humanity to die and just ignore it?This has nothing to do with how strong the enemy is, only that they have to do it.

"This is the reason why you must be right with me?" The younger brother who was staring at him tightly, the Heavenly Emperor was more solemn than ever: "Even if your love roots are broken, you are still walking with love to Heavenly Dao, thus rejecting the dying Grand Dao's Supreme glory?"

After pondering a little, the white-robed man was very sure about nodded: "Although I seem to be chosen by heaven and earth as the dao wielder of Heavenly Dao. But I believe that my own way comes out by myself, and my heart decides. My way is not to destroy the world. Just like the love emperor cuts off personal love and understands heaven and earth, I have broken the root of love. The world has no color for me, and I can't feel any love. Because of this, I feel more and more that love is precious. So I decided to walk the heavens-defying road, and man will conquer the sky!"

"Well, since you have decided, then there is nothing to say. Dao is different, can't make plans together. Regarding the conflict on dao lineage, even the biological brother, there is nothing to discuss!"

With a light sigh in my heart, the Heavenly Emperor suddenly released a terrifying rays of light in his eyes, and rushed towards the crowd with a single step: "Since the will of heaven has destroyed the world, I will punish the heavens. Humane emperors, disappear. this World , Does not belong to you!"

Xiu xiu xiu!

When several emperors saw this, they also flew simultaneously against each other. Everyone's face was filled with determination: "No matter what the will of heaven, humanity will fight to the end. The Heavenly Emperor, who wants to destroy the world and rebirth, has passed our level first!"

boom ~ boom ~ ……

There was a burst of sound one after another, shaking the whole heaven and earth constantly trembling, mountains bursting and ground splitting.The ten-emperor struggle was shocked even at heaven and earth, and did not dare to underestimate its front. Dark caves appeared in the entire space. For three months, millions and millions li, completely barren.

When the explosion ceases, there are no sun and moon stars in heaven and earth, only endless darkness sweeping the world.But it was because of the shattered Space Crack that Space Law was too late to repair.

The Sword Emperor and the emperors of humanity are already riddled with scars, gasping for breath, and frail.Even the white-robed man couldn't help but knelt to the ground, vomiting blood.

There was only Heavenly Emperor, although he was exhausted, but there was no weakness in his eyes, and everyone's eyes were full of excitement and contempt.

"It seems that the victory or defeat has been divided, and it is true that God's will, humanity will end, hahaha..."

With a loud laugh, eleven golden auras suddenly appeared in the eyes of the Heavenly Emperor: "Clean the world!"


Above the dark sky, a huge golden eye pupil suddenly appeared, exuding extremely terrifying energy.When everyone saw it, they were so horrified that their faces were ashamed, and the Child Emperor couldn't help but smile: "Ai, in the end, it's hard to beat God's will, we lost..."


An invisible wave suddenly dropped from the sky, like a shock wave, passing by everyone, the bodies of the emperors were instantly shattered and dissipated from the world, only the roads of colorful clouds, wrapped in their divine souls, were constantly wandering in the air, as if Still sighing, the sorrow not far from the day when the world is over.


Suddenly, a light breeze swept across, and when everyone’s divine soul hadn’t realized what was going on, they were already accompanied by the seven colors light, all flying in one direction, shrouded in the side of the white robed man, guarding him. Let the power of cleansing the world hurt.Even the seriously injured Sword Emperor within the body flew out of the Emperor Realm Grand Dao and came to him.

"what happened?"

With a flick of brows, Heavenly Emperor looked towards the Sword Emperor with a strange look, but the Sword Emperor also shook his head unfathomable mystery: "I don't know, my Emperor Dao seems to be out of control!"

"big brother !"

At this time, the white-robed man spoke, with a faint smile on his mouth: "You and I are all people who touch the threshold of the Supreme Realm, but I don't have the Emperor Realm Grand Dao, and I'm always behind you. Fortunately, I'm dying. Before the threshold of Heavenly Dao, I suddenly enlightenment the two meanings of dying. One is that before the world becomes Asura hell, the world is destroyed and reborn, and the world is clean; 2 is dao wielder died during meditation, and I give it to the world again Opportunity. And I always believe that heaven and earth give birth to 2 and 10000 creatures and will not be truly heartbroken!"

As the voice fell, the white robe man's body was so gurgling black that he was constantly entangled, and his body was corroding and disappearing in this brief moment.

However, the 9 Emperor Realm Grand Dao in his hand are constantly merging, eventually forming a 7-color giant palm, which slams towards the 9 Heavenly God...

September 30, 2020

Demonic Emperor Chapter 1306

Demonic Emperor

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Kicked open the door, the Heavenly Emperor walked in angrily, but saw the younger brother closing his eyes and meditating quietly.After hearing the movement, he opened his eyes faintly, but the look in his eyes looking towards Heavenly Emperor was still calm: "What's the matter, why burst into my practice secret room?"

"Your love root... hasn't recovered?" Looking at him deeply, the Heavenly Emperor squinted his eyes and asked in confusion.

Coldly smiled, white robe male indifferent expression: "Big brother, you are the Heavenly Emperor. Don't you know how easy it is to recover if your love roots are broken and never exist? Even if samsara reincarnation and replenish the divine soul, it may not be able to recover! "

"That's right!"

Nodded faintly, Heavenly Emperor still didn't let go: "So, the Emperor's plan, didn't you reveal it to the outside?"

Glancing at him with a full face, the white-robed man still offered the original words: "Your business is not my responsibility. If there is nothing wrong, go out. I'm going to meditate!"

The tone barely fell, the younger brother closed his eyes again.

"Heavenly Emperor, it seems that Brother Ling has 10000 things in his arms. It doesn't matter to him in the world, it shouldn't be troublesome for him!" At this time, the Sword Emperor stepped forward. It seemed that the man in the white robe gave him a glance and looked towards the sky. Emperor Dao.

After thinking about it a little, Heavenly Emperor slightly nodded, but the doubt in his heart remains.

This matter is so secretive that not many people know it. If he hadn't said it, who would have said it?Could it be that……

Turning his head and staring at the confused face of the Sword Emperor, Heavenly Emperor coldly smiled and said: "Jianxin, you are the person I trust the most. These several decades have come to gain the power of those 5 beasts. You have worked hard. I heard You and Sea Turtle mix well!"

"Heavenly Emperor, what do you mean, do you doubt me..."

"He he he...Where, don't worry about you, how could I suspect you? This time the leak, probably something went wrong with Kunpeng, the spirit beast is so messy, he, as the king of spirit beast, will inevitably not be around A few things with a weak mouth, it's not in the way!"

Lightly patted the shoulders of the Sword Emperor, the corners of the Heavenly Emperor's mouth are slightly tilted, but there is a faint cold glow flashing in his eyes: "But although this is not a major event, I don't care, isn't it just a few beasts and a few humane emperors? What at worst? It’s just...Don’t tell me, there is a brut I’m still a little afraid of, go get his head for me, just in case!"

Unconsciously shaking in his heart, Sword Emperor cautiously said: "Who?"

"Heaven Sealing Sea Turtle!"

"What, is he?"

"Yeah, my Void Clarity Divine Pupil was the only one that was sealed by him that year, and I had to guard against it. If I were to come again when I was fighting those experts, the consequences would be unimaginable..."

Shaking his hand hurriedly, the Sword Emperor hurriedly said: "Heavenly Emperor, don't want to be undervalue oneself. That was 1000 years ago, and you are still a quasi emperor. Now you are the emperor who has reached the threshold of the Supreme realm. It’s not your opponent..."

"Jianxin, in case of 10000 one!"

Glancing at him coldly, the Heavenly Emperor's tone is beyond doubt: "This time it is about the dignity of Heavenly Dao, and you must never lose to the old fellows of the humanity. You have never violated my orders, and this time you are still indecisive. Do you dare not, or... not willing?"

With a flick of his brows, the Sword Emperor seemed to be struggling a little, but after all he was still nodded, gritted his teeth and said hardly: "Yes, I'm going!"

As he said, he turned around and disappeared in silhouette.

Heavenly Emperor smiled with satisfaction, the white robed man opened his eyes, but sighed: "The Sword Emperor has a long time with you, why bother him?"

"I'm not embarrassing him, just let him cut off the relationship with that beast. The war is about to come, and I will not allow any mutations to happen by my side. After all, easy to dodge the spear in the open, hard to avoid a stab in the dark, especially those humane emperors, the most kind and deceitful, God knows what kind of dark they will play, hmph! "

"Yeah, although the big brother is strong, his two punches are hard to beat with 4 hands. There are many people in the family, and there are many tricks. I can't say that you are going to lose this time. It is not necessarily.

"Why, are you here to help me?"

"No, all the external affairs have nothing to do with me, including you!" Shook the head slowly, the white-robed man continued to close his eyes and cultivation, but he continued to mutter: "It's just that if you die miserably, Heavenly Dao will fall, Void Clarity Grand Dao is lost. But it’s okay. Anyway, we, Heavenly Dao cultivator, don’t care so much about our clansman, but just a bunch of ants, hmph!"

His eyes narrowed slightly, and the Heavenly Emperor groaned a little, then turned and left: "Yes, a bunch of ants and a heartbroken younger brother, really can't rely on any of them. But I don't hesitate to rely on anyone, I am Heavenly Emperor, hum hmph!"

While sneering, the silhouette of the Heavenly Emperor gradually disappeared, but what he didn't know was that at the moment he disappeared, the white robe man's mouth had a strange smile...

1 month later, the Sword Emperor came back, drenched with blood, and lost a left arm.At the same time, news came from the spirit beast that the Heaven Sealing Sea Turtle was stabbed in a left eye by the Sword Emperor, causing serious injuries.

So far, the whole spirit beast world and the Heavenly Emperor have become more hatred as deep as the sea!

"Heavenly Emperor, I can't kill him, I can only destroy one of his eyes. His strength of Heaven, no longer in the past, will not threaten you!"

With big mouths and panting, the Sword Emperor looked towards Heavenly Emperor with a satisfied smile: "he he he ... Well done, in fact, whether you give him a glance or not, he will not cause me much trouble! "

"Recover well, 3 months later, go to war with me!" Lightly patted his shoulder, Heavenly Emperor heroism reaching to the clouds, looking up at the sky, it seems that he has control of everything.

Seeing this, Zhuo Fan couldn't help feeling sighed: "This Sword Emperor is really loyal and brave. Knowing that this is nothing but the method of the Heavenly Emperor's temptation, he lost his arm by fighting like this. And I finally know why the Sea Turtle eye No more, just because the Heavenly Emperor is suspicious of the Sword Emperor, oh!"

"The Sword Emperor repaired the Sword Dao. The sword is the king of the soldiers. It has always been in the hands of the emperor. It is a word of loyalty." The old man explained: "The old man didn't mention it before. There are 3 outlines on the way, loyal, filial, filial, and Sword Dao of the Sword Emperor is the first of these 3 outlines!"

Knowing nodded, Zhuo Fan said strangely again: "So, he is also humane?"

"Half and half..."

"Why half?"

"Because Sword Dao is humane, but the sword body is inhuman, otherwise the Heavenly Emperor would be impossible to take him with him, so trust!" With a chuckle, the old man pointed to the lake: "Keep watching!"

With a solemn expression, Zhuo Fan continued to watch, only to see that time flew by. Since the return of the Sword Emperor, it has been a short time since March. Heavenly Emperor and Sword Emperor set off for the battle agreement, but before they could get far, they heard the loud noises, the nest behind them had already been raze to the ground, and many clansman suffered heavy casualties.

I hurried back to check, and looked around, there was no silhouette, even his younger brother passed away, and in a secret room under his room, the Shadow Return Stone he had placed earlier had disappeared out of thin air.

The body couldn't stop shaking, and the Heavenly Emperor hated gnashing teeth: "The damn meticulous work, you know that I have left the secret skill Shadow Return Stone. I stole it while I was away!"

"Heavenly Emperor, what happened?" Sword Emperor asked in confusion.

Lips trembled lightly, and the eyes of the Heavenly Emperor were red: "I have written down the cultivation methods of my Void Clarity Divine Pupil and Purple Thunder Golden Eye in case of accidents. In case I fail, future generations can inherit me. Legacy, pass me Heavenly Dao. Didn’t expect..."

"Heavenly Emperor, why did you suddenly think of staying in Legacy? Aren't you confident about this battle? It's not like your style!"

"That's not..."

Hearing the Sword Emperor’s question, the Heavenly Emperor answered casually, but startedled suddenly, as if he understood something: “Fucked, that little bastard, isn’t his root of love cut off? He should be absolutely unrequited, no longer caring about life in the world. Destroy, how can you still worry about yin me?"

"Heavenly Emperor, are you talking about Brother Ling?"

"Yes, if he hadn't told me a lot of messy things that day, how could I have a whim and want to stay behind? This is obviously he deliberately hinted that I did this..."

His eyes narrowed into a slit, and the Heavenly Emperor hated his gnashing teeth: "Could it be that his sentimental Heavenly Dao has recovered again, seeing that I am going to destroy the world, so he wants to do it right with me?"

"Then Heavenly Emperor, what shall we do now?"

"The Shadow Return Stone must not fall into their hands, otherwise they will penetrate my Void Clarity Divine Pupil's stunt, I will definitely be designed everywhere, then it will be difficult to win, hmph!"

With his fists clenched tightly, the golden halo in the eyes of the Heavenly Emperor suddenly lit up with a bang, and the huge eyes in the sky also spread so steeply to all around, flying 1000 miles.

Soon, the silhouette of the three saint beasts flying was reflected in the huge eyes.

found it!

Coldly smiled, Heavenly Emperor took the Sword Emperor a step, blinking ten thousand li, appeared on Qilin's flight path, and blocked him: "Damn beast, where are you going?"

"Void Clarity Grand Dao, ten thousand li?"

Unconsciously turn pale with fright, Qilin's huge figure hurriedly turned around, and the Sword Emperor waved his hand, and a scarlet sword glow blasted towards him.

His body shook, feeling the horrible breath, Qilin turned his head and was shocked: "What kind of sword is this?"

"Heaven Soaring Sword!" Indifferent flashed in the eyes of the Sword Emperor: "This is the Sword Dao created by you against the strength of Heaven. You can't match it!"



With blood splattering, Qilin's hard and thick armor could not stop the sharp sword glow at all, and it was immediately penetrated Qilin's leg, a stagger, accompanied by horrible howls, thumped, and fell to the ground.

The Heavenly Emperor grinned, and the Void Clarity Divine Pupil and Purple Thunder Golden Eye opened together, but saw a purple cover falling downward, and under a loud noise, the entire land boundary, several thousands li away, disappeared.

"Hmph, if you know it, hand over the Shadow Return Stone to this seat, otherwise, die for me here!"

As soon as the voice fell, Heavenly Emperor pulled the Sword Emperor and turned his head again, then disappeared suddenly, and when he reappeared, he was already stopped in front of the Dragon Ancestor.

Unconsciously, Dragon Ancestor hurriedly released the Heaven Burning Golden Flame, but under the Heaven Burning Sword, the flames were all absorbed by the divine sword, and the Dragon Ancestor was also hit and fell in the blink of an eye.

He was trapped under a hood full of purple thunder.

But when the Heavenly Emperor turned to capture Kunpeng again, he suddenly stopped: "Hey, why did the old fellow disappear and hide?"

"Heavenly Emperor, the old bird flew fast, we lost it, and we can't find it again!"

"No matter how fast he flies, can he have my Heavenly Dao eyes fast?"

With a gloomy complexion, ten golden rays of light finally emitted from the right pupil of the Heavenly Emperor: "Heaven Supporting Kunpeng, no matter where you fly or hide. As long as you dare to show your head, you will never escape the tracking of Heavenly Eye. . Void Clarity Divine Pupil twelve layers, really world!"


The huge golden eye pupils in the sky suddenly emitted weird rays of light, and then they expanded rapidly in a mysterious vibration, ten thousand li, hundreds of thousand li, million li, 10,000,000 li, millions and millions li...the last blast All of a sudden, an infinite border disappeared from the Saint Territory boundary.

At this point, barrier came out, Mortal Rank was born, hiding in Heaven Supporting Kunpeng in Myriad Beasts Mountain Range, feeling the endless pressure above his head, both horrified and shocked: "This is the strength of the Heavenly Emperor. Sure enough, the one who knows him best is His younger brother, even if we join hands, there is no possibility of defeating him by 10000..."

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