Master of Ninja World Chapter Book 2 Chapter 317

Master of Ninja World

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This moment.

Inuyasha also said very sensitively: "Oops, someone should have set up an ambush, we must be careful not to be caught in his ambush!"

When the words were spoken, the rays of light on his body rose, and his hands clasped Tessaiga on his hands. Then he immediately activated the power on Tessaiga!

The power engraved on the Tessaiga immediately took action. I saw the faint rays of light directly rise, and the fire light from the knife shouted loudly: "Demon hiding in the dark, get out of me!"

The split second spoken by the words, his legs suddenly burst, and then a rumble explosion sounded. The strength of 4 weeks was integrated into his body. At the same time, he took a deep breath, and there was nothing at all. The one with the color of fear suddenly moved towards the front sword and slashed out. Suddenly a sword energy flew out, and a wailing sound immediately appeared in front of him.

A huge crab came out of the bushes and was chopped in half. He reluctantly walked 2 steps, and fell directly into the clearing, turning into a bubble and dissipating.

At this moment, Inuyasha suddenly realized that there was something wrong with the problem, and was very surprised and said, "What's the matter? Why is it wrong with a crab? Why is there a crab here? It's really strange, there is definitely a big problem. !"

When the words said this, strange doubts appeared on the faces of several people.

Kagome is very smart, exceptionally intelligent, just like her. She immediately understood the key to the problem and said in a low voice, "Be careful. Someone should be hiding in the dark, but it should be the water snake. The water snake should not die, otherwise How could his subordinates appear here?"

Kagome is very smart. When he saw water and crabs, he immediately realized that the water snake that this kind of person has dealt with, the water snake must still be here, otherwise.

How could there be a reason for the creatures in the river to suddenly come to land.

Wu Chen was also very puzzled at this time. How many people spent only one day in the village, did the water snake recover so quickly? This is incredible. Even though he didn't take away the fragment at the time, he shouldn't be like this. It's really weird. Thinking like this in his heart, he feels more and more confused. It's not right, absolutely wrong, how could it be possible It would be like this, how could that guy have such a quick recovery ability, even if there is a fragment of Shikon Jewel!

He thought this in his heart, tightly covering his brow, but at this time.

There was a voice from the Sky: "You are all in the plan, but I didn't expect to actually dare to run up. This is really very good. Entering here is my territory. I will let you all die here. Let you never get out, let you sink into this Jigoku forever, let your lives become my food!"

When the words came here, laughed heartily, and then everyone looked up, and immediately saw a very gloomy man in the sky, wearing a robes of God's Priests.

At the same time, holding a ball fan in his hand, it slowly fell down, and there was a large piece of Shikon Jewel Fragment on the investment, his face was a little more crazy, and his face was crazy and said: "You guys No one can beat me, but I killed all of you, this is your Destiny, this is the Destiny you will eventually face, wait to die!"

This was just said, and immediately followed.

Kagome immediately walked out, and at the same time, he folded his hands and shouted loudly in his mouth: "Fire Release: Hōsenka no Jutsu!"

Many flames spurted directly from the mouth, and the flames flew out like a blooming phoenix. Sparks usually sprayed out directly, and at this time the water snake was shocked. Immediately afterwards, he waved the fan in his hand!

The huge fan made a violent blow, and immediately sent all the chasing flames flying away, his face was full of fearlessness!

He laughed coldly, and said disdainfully: "It's just a whimsical idea that you, a little girl, also wants to defeat me. Don't think about it so much. I think it would be better for you to obediently accept death!"

There was only a faintly proud expression in his eyes, no fear at all, and even more rampant!

After hearing these words, Wu Chen said mockingly: "Aren't you afraid of fire? That's certainly interesting. I originally wanted to drink water snake soup. If you are not afraid of fire, then roast you alive. Do it as a snake!"

When the voice said this, it was full of mockery, and the cold murderous aura floated out in his eyes!

At this time, Inuyasha couldn't wait. He entered state 2 at this time. Then the energy of the whole body was surging. Holding Tessaiga in both hands, he took a shower and went directly to the water snake.

The water snake was stunned for a moment, but soon it raised the group fan to block it. The group fan and Greatsword met together for 4 weeks and energy emerged. The sound of rumble continued to appear, and the underfoot was withered. The yellow grass was directly exploded, and energy was surging for 4 weeks at this moment!

Kagome wanted to help, but saw Monk Miroku take a step first, and the pure green air Mahō rays of light appeared in his hands.

"Demon, damned, don't try to succeed, I will make you regret it, come and taste mine!"

In the split second where the words were said, a huge magical array immediately appeared on the hand. The Formation was as big as 2 people and surrounded by the energy of Five Elements. The energy of Five Elements continued to surround itself. On his hand, he immediately clasped his hand suddenly, followed by a huge tiger!

The tiger leapt directly out of the magical array, making a roar sound, and directly moved towards the water snake Demon caught it.

The water monster saw the huge tiger biting at him suddenly, but he didn't have any fearless expression. He pushed forward and pushed Inuyasha away. At the same time, he spouted amazing power from his hand, and completely let Mahō The tiger made of power was torn to pieces, said with a smile: "Monk's power is only this, even if you go together, I am not afraid, come on, let you taste my power!"

The words are said to be more mad and mental illness, like a lunatic, generally fearless, eyes widened, laughed heartily, those little eyes seem to have become bigger because of this.

And at this moment, seeing him so rampant, Inuyasha snorted, holding the sword-handle in both hands and saying: "This guy is really annoying!" ..

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Master of Ninja World Chapter Book 2 Chapter 316

Master of Ninja World

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Everyone returned to the village and spoke to the Village Leader, and then they left.

Several people explained the matter clearly to the Village Leader, and sent the two Suyoshi children home, and they set off together.

Wu Chen then led everyone to the front. There was a little smile in his eyes. Maybe this place will become a famous Ninja Village in the future!

But this is interesting and enjoyable. After all, this World just becomes very strong with Demon, but it is boring. You have to become-stronger to be a human being. Otherwise, how can you evenly matched?

He thought so in his heart.

At this moment, Monk Miroku followed him and said strangely: "Teacher is what you said is true? Is there really a so-called Sage who entrusts you with a dream and gives you those powers?"

The words are even more curious when they say this. After all, his Master is so strong, is it really the power that Sage has given? It was really weird, at first he had some doubts, but now he suspected that Sage came instead.

Hearing this, Wu Chen couldn't help but laughed heartily, immediately stopped, laughed and said, "I'm just lying to that guy. There is a so-called ancestor who endorses me. The water god will definitely choose the candidate more seriously. As an inheritance person, then my strength can be better inherited, but speaking of which is also..."

As soon as the words were spoken, Monk Miroku was shocked and said blankly: "What?"

Wu Chen very helplessly shake one's head and said: "You actually gave you the strength of inheritance, which really makes me feel at a loss. You lustful guy didn't give me any benefit..."

When Miroku Fath heard this, he was stared wide-eyed, and when he bit his teeth, he looked angry, but soon he was helplessly sighed and said, "Teacher..."

The coral on the side laughed, and at this time other people also laughed at hehe.

7 Bao said to the side: "I think he is right. You are a horny guy. Is there anything wrong? I don't think there is any problem at all!"

Inuyasha also laughed heartily involuntarily and said, "I think this is the most right thing he said. You are indeed a womanizer, and he is right!"

Monk Miroku quickly explained: "That's because I, I, I want to pass on my Bloodline, and then go to find Naraku for revenge, because I know that I may..., not because of lust..."

Kagome just said this, and Kagome on the side said: "But your seals have been solved now, and you have learned more power now. You obviously don’t need to be so lustful, but the coral was injured once. Among..."

As soon as Coral heard this, she immediately stared wide-eyed.

Say: "Stop talking!"

At this point, he immediately turned his head, his face flushed slightly.

When Coral suffered a serious injury because of Naraku, it was Monk Miroku who actually took care of Coral like his wife.

Although it only took a few days, Coral's heart was extremely grateful, but at this time, his face was red when I mentioned it, and there was an inexplicable evade color in his eyes!

Kagome understood at once, a faint smile was drawn at the corner of his mouth, but he turned his head and looked towards Inuyasha

Inuyasha on the side seemed to have heard nothing, and snorted said: "Cut!"

After speaking, he walked forward.

Kagome looks helpless and sighed at this moment, really troublesome guy, does this guy have no intention of hearing anything at all? It is really distressing!

And this time

everyone then walked forward.

It is at this time.

When everyone was about to walk into a small forest, only a voice came from the depths of the small forest: "I will get revenge, I will kill all my enemies, I will let all people crawl on my underfoot! "

That voice immediately made everyone vigilant, and everyone showed a curious look. What is that? The voice is so strange, but it has several points of an inexplicable sense of familiarity, which is really strange. .

At this time, Wu Chen also felt it, curious, and logically speaking, there would be no Demon here. Even if there was Demon, he wouldn’t be so blatant. Why did this guy suddenly become so loud? What important stimulus is usually really weird.

Wu Chen felt very puzzled in his heart and couldn't help but be slightly frowned, and coldly snorted said, "No matter how much, let's take a look!

After hearing this, everyone was vigilant and immediately raised the power of within-the-body, walked inside, and walked into the forest.

Slowly walked into the forest path. When everyone looked around for 4 weeks, they all felt that the forest was getting more and more weird. What happened? Does this have a special barrier?

Just thinking about this at this moment, everyone heard it immediately, and there was wind blowing in his ears!

When the gloomy and terrifying wind blew, everyone felt tremble with fear.

Wu Chen immediately said vigilantly: "It seems that things are a bit troublesome. Someone has placed a special barrier here. We have already walked in, and we should not be able to get out for the time being!"

When his words said that at this time, everyone also noticed it, and suddenly turned his head and looked towards the entrance, only to find that the entrance is now completely closed, and there is no way out, which is really strange.

Wu Chen gradually guessed who it was. He snorted coldly and said: "It must be the damned depraved Demon who will not let him go, but if he has the courage to face us face to face, it proves that he must have a bottom in his heart. I’m going to do more. Be careful. You all be careful. You can’t get caught, you know?"

When these words were spoken, a few people immediately raised their power to the apex. Inuyasha also quickly entered the state of state 2, with contemporary mental energy rising all over his body, and power rose up in 4 weeks.

At this time, everyone walked forward vigilantly, walking slowly, and soon everyone came to a special place!

What came was a clearing in the forest.

This open space is very weird. It is not at all animals and there are no plants. Even the underfoot green grass is completely withered and yellow. It should have been green, but the grass is completely yellow. Now it is big. How could spring be such a color.

Everyone thinks like this in their hearts, at this moment.

Wu Chen reflected that there was a weirdness ahead. There should have been a small road ahead, but when he blinked to look at it, he found that there was no road ahead, all of which were blocked by bushes and trees! ..

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Master of Ninja World Chapter Book 2 Chapter 315

Master of Ninja World

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At this moment.

Feng Qingyunjing everyone was just relaxed, with a little bit of rejoicing in his eyes, and finally it was all right. If the water snake continues to do evil like this, everyone will have no good life.

Wu Chen slowly fell from in the sky, and reached everyone's side. Sighed said, "Finally got him done!"

This was just said, and the water god at this time said strangely: "You are really a very strange guy. You don't have any human power or Demonic Energy in your body, but why can you release such a strong flame? It’s really strange. Where did the energy in your body come from? It’s not Demon, Spiritual God, or exorcist. The power you use is different from the power of the exorcist!"

Monk Miroku explained in a hurry: "My Teacher has something special..."

Wu Chen hurriedly said at this time: "You misunderstood. Just now it was just a little bit of such insignificant ability. I hope you don’t mind the secret that belongs to me, but I have solved the water snake. It shouldn’t be appears again!"

When this sentence came out, the god of water was nodded, un'ed and said: "So firstly, I still have to thank you firstly. If it weren't for you, I might still be trapped there. Thank you for helping me get rid of him. But, I am still very curious about what your power is? Why is it so strong, and there is a familiar but strange feeling!"

At this time, there was a strong curiosity on the water god’s face, and his eyes were full of surprises. I really can’t figure out why an ordinary human has more power than himself. It looks like a divine force. , But not at all.

Wu Chen scratched his head after hearing this, and said with a smile rather distressed: "Aiya, this is a long story, but Lord, the water god, don't listen..."

Monk Miroku entire group has a strange look. Does this guy really have any stories to hide from everyone? Why doesn't it feel right?

Just at this time.

The water god Lord said: "No, I must want to listen to it. Since you already have the will to say it, please tell me!"

This was just said.

Wu Chen was sighed. He lowered his head and said, "In fact, this matter is a long story. He is a very difficult to deal with god. He gave me such power in his dream, so I can have such power. It's just an ordinary person, and I am very grateful to him!"

When the water god one after another heard this, he immediately stared wide-eyed excitedly and said: "What is true? I want to know who it is?"

There was a bit more excitement in the words.

After Wu Chen heard this, sighed lowered his head and said, "That's a person whose name I can't name. He wears white clothes with white hair and has a special tin stick. He has given me a strong Afterwards, I hope that I will preach the Dharma here! If I don’t meet someone who really wants to reach it, I can’t say his name!"

Wu Chen already has an idea in his mind. Since he has a strong power now, there are not many opponents in almost the entire world. If this is the case, then he can use the power in his hand to help the humans of this World , But naturally in his heart it is not a problem to help at least one or two human beings, but it is much more difficult to help all people. After all, they may not all have innate talents, nor may they believe in themselves, so the most The best way is to find other people to help yourself.

Wu Chen wants the humans of this World to become stronger.

So I want to inherit all the Ninjutsu in my hand and throw it into this Sengoku Jidai!

After all, Ninjutsu was also created by humans.

After hearing this sentence, the water god immediately stared wide-eyed and said: "What is it like this? But since you say this, I am willing to help you preach, but you must tell me who he is, I want How to do it?"

Wu Chen sighed and took out 5 scrolls from his arms.

Said: "This is the 5 escape Ninjutsu he passed to me. His name is Rikudō Sennin. It is a legendary character. I don't know where he came from, but I know his power is very strong. He hopes I have inherited these powers, but I have never found a truly suitable inheritance person. Do you think you can? You can spread these Ninjutsu to other people, and let those with good morals inherit this power ?"

The other people looked aside and were shocked. When did this guy have this idea, it's really strange, but at this time everyone didn't dare to interrupt the game and watched in a daze.

After hearing this, the water god at this time immediately resolutely said: "Don't worry, I will let your power sink, and I won't let you break your promise and give it to me. I am this one. The god of water, I can let them inherit the power of those ancestors who are morally sound and temperament pure!"

Wu Chen nodded immediately said: "That's so firstly, it's really many thanks to you!"

With his words like this, the Taro Maru at this time said in a daze, "Is that so? No wonder you are so strong..."

Wu Chen turned his head and looked over, said with a smile: "I think this young man is good. If the water god Lord wants to find someone with inheritance, this guy is good. You can give him Ninjutsu Scroll!"

At this time, the water god is also very curious that Ninjutsu Scroll is nodded. Naturally, it is not so fast. He has to give it out and think for a while and say: "In this case, I understand, I will not disappoint your words and recommendations. I will take this kid by my side for training, let him learn the power of it, and keep one side safe!"

Wu Chen said with satisfaction: "It's so good and good firstly!"

At this time everyone is in a dumbfounded state, is this all right? It was too surprising, but this moment.

Both Taro Maru and Suyoshi were shocked. The powerful force of Wu Chen just now gave two children a great impact. Whenever they heard that they could learn, the force was involuntarily excited and filled with emotions. joy.

Inuyasha and the others were also very surprised when they listened. I didn't expect this guy to be so generous, which is really surprising, but speaking of which is also the case, this guy seems to be not stingy.

Kagome was surprised blinked: "Teacher, are you sure?"

Wu Chen nodded smiled and said: "Let's go back to the village first!" ..

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Master of Ninja World Chapter Book 2 Chapter 314

Master of Ninja World

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After hearing this word.

Wu Chen thought for a while, frowns said: "That's what I said, you should leave first!"

When the words were finished, he immediately turned around and looked towards the ruined palace at this moment.

And everyone is just about to withdraw from the palace at this moment.

After hearing this sentence, I felt confused.

Taro Maru said: "What are you doing here? Shall we go together? Wait a few days before..."

xWu Chen looked indifferent, rolled the eyes and said: "It doesn't matter, but it's just a Lesser Demon, but it can't help me, let me kill him!"

It doesn't matter how much is accompanied by his words.

After all, it was just a very ordinary Lesser Demon, and it was very easy for him.

At this time, everyone heard this and chose to believe it.

Inuyasha snorted said: "Don't care about this guy, let's go!"

After the words were finished, the few people left by boat, leaving only Wu Chen

Wu Chen twisted his body very easily. There was a little helplessness in his eyes. He sighed and said, "truly troublesome, an ordinary Lesser Demon wants me to make big moves, really!"

I just said this, I looked towards with disgust for 4 weeks, relaxed my muscles and said, "Come on!"

Immediately after that, the sound of rumble sounded, thunder came from the sky, and then an extremely huge snake appeared directly on the water.

The big snake directly joined the water, and suddenly rushed up, crushing the entire palace.

Everyone has just arrived on the shore, seeing this situation is all shocked, No way, is he dead? impossible.

Everyone thinks so in their hearts.

Wu Chen is really not dead, he is already flying into the sky, and there is a little smile in his eyes

Say: "truly troublesome guy, you seem to be a very annoying thing!"

When the voice finished speaking, there was a bit more cold and murderous aura in his eyes.

Hand seal with both hands to complete

Immediately after that, the big snake rushed in front of him. The tail was hidden at the bottom of the tail. At the same time, the huge mouth opened and it was about to swallow Wu Chen directly.

Wu Chen sprayed directly in his mouth: "Fire Release: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!"

A huge Fireball spouted from the mouth, and then the huge water snake couldn't bear it for a while. This high temperature was instantly ignited by the flame and exuded, but it was quickly added to the water, and the eyes appeared more. After a few anger, he writhed in the water several times, extinguishing the flame directly, but soon he rolled up a huge water tornado with his body!

At the same time, holding the Trident Divine Item in his hand, it rolled up into the sky at this moment, and a huge wave suddenly came.

Wu Chen is completely fearless.

Hand seal

Shouted loudly: "I see how long you can play! Wind Release: Shinkū Taigyoku!"

The an instant when the sound fell, immediately spouted an extremely huge Shinkū Taigyoku from his mouth.

At the same time, the flying wind and rain were blown away by it, and it was cut apart in an instant. The powerful strength is amazing.

At this time, only two little goldfish came to Inuyasha everyone and said: "Everyone, are you here to save Lord of the water?"

Inuyasha froze for a moment, his eyes were a little strange, frowns head said: "What did you say? What water god Lord, we are here to kill the water god..."

At this time, the two people glanced at each other, and then they quickly explained, "That is Demon, not the real Lord of the water god, that is the guard of the water god Lord, it is only because the water god Lord’s scepter was taken, so Lord is imprisoned in this place for evil water god... so can you please rescue me?"

Inuyasha immediately rolled the eyes, and said reluctantly: "I don't want to save that water god Lord, what's up to me, I'm leaving..."

Monk Miroku sighed and said, "How can you do this, I'll save it!"

After the words were spoken, he tapped his toes and stepped on the water, swiftly, and quickly came to the place pointed by the two small fishes. This is a special reef. After he came here, he looked at Fuzhou on it. , He immediately took a deep breath, used Mahō with a light touch, suddenly let the charm dissipate!

Immediately after that, only a palm-sized woman jumped out of a small hole, her eyes showed determination, and she looked at the water waves soaring into the sky, her eyes were a little more worried and said: "Sure enough That guy has already begun to do this, he shouldn't be trusted at that time!"

Just when I said this, Monk Miroku asked quickly: "Are you the Lord of the Water God?"

At this time, Taro Maru trot over and said: "Oh, if the water tornado doesn't stop, it will directly pounce on the village and kill a lot of people. Think of a way!"

After hearing these words, the water god immediately said: "Don't worry, I will let them stop, don't worry!"

Everyone was relaxed when they heard this. Sure enough, worthy-of is the god of water. Lord was relieved with a word, but then the god of water, Lord, walked to the water's edge and touched the water with his hands. frowned said: "Oops Now, my Magical Artifact was taken away by him. I can't cast spells now, I have to get the Trident back..."

This was just said, everyone rolled the eyes, with a look of helplessness, Monk Miroku sighed said: "What? Do you want to take back the Magical Artifact?"

Just as I finished saying this sentence, immediately after the wind and rain, the rumble of thunder, the thunder symphony, and then the golden Trident came to everyone in an instant, and even inserted directly in front of Monk Miroku less than 3 steps!

Monk Miroku was suddenly shocked, and he quickly stepped back 2 or 3 steps, and Lord, who was standing on his palm, said, "Hurry up and put me down!"

Monk Miroku alliance Zhao Zuozhi's sword, the water god Lord jumped down, and immediately held the Trident and inhaled deeply, and said in one breath: "The wind will fix the clouds!"

The moment the words were spoken, the wind and rain were determined immediately, and then the water snake was directly shocked, and he fell down instantly when he was tossing in the clouds, without mana, and without water, in his eyes in the clouds Only the color of surprise, this time is terrible, he is going to die, he thought in his heart.

Wu Chen stood in the air with a smile on his face and said, "Goodbye, but let you taste this move in the end! Fire Release: Dragon Flame Release Song Jutsu no Jutsu!"

Countless Fire Dragon spouted out of his mouth immediately, rushing over, the water snake made a roar sound, disappeared between the clouds and disappeared! ..

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Master of Ninja World Chapter Book 2 Chapter 313

Master of Ninja World

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At night, at the ferry, this moment.

Wu Chen entire group and Taro Maru were hiding and living in the grass next to the ferry, when the sacrifice was about to board the boat.

Wu Chen showed a smile on his face and said, "Then let me go! Otherwise, how about you waiting here?"

At this time, Inuyasha said quickly: "How can it be? I also want to follow along to see what the hell is that so-called river god!"

Coral also said: "It's too dangerous for you to go alone, let's go together..."

Wu Chen immediately rolled the eyes and said directly: "I think you are all stupid. I am sorry to go alone, but it is much safer than you to follow me together. You follow me, I have to protect you, that The guy may be very strong, you follow along, and I have to bother to think about ways to prevent you from having trouble! It's easy for me to go alone!"

When Kagome heard this, he wanted to say something aggressively, but suddenly remembered his own tricks, a bit of embarrassment appeared on his completely untrained face, and he whispered, "It seems like..."

Inuyasha was completely unconscious. He immediately said, "How could it be possible for me to protect myself by myself, and maybe you have to rely on me..."

Wu Chen no trace of politeness gave him a brain, collapsed.

Say: "You guy, don't be too arrogant, just wait for me here!"

After he finished speaking, he immediately transformed himself immediately

Use the transformation no Jutsu to make a child look.

That is Taro Maru

Taro Maru stared wide-eyed with a surprised look: "How could you..."

Wu Chen laughed and said, "Why don't it work? You can just wait for me here, and I will go back!"

After Wu Chen finished speaking, he immediately walked to the side of the ferry and plunged into the water, and at the same time, he moved towards the ship and chased him.

The boat came slowly and arrived in a special palace.


After the boat docked, it was followed by a group of people, and the little boy as a living sacrifice was taken into a special palace!

And at this time.

Taking advantage of everyone not guarding the ferry, Wu Chen jumped onto the ferry and loosened his muscles.

He not at all immediately changed back to his appearance, but walked in swaggeringly.

at this time.

At this time, when he arrived at the gate of the palace, he saw several big red-faced men. He immediately turned around with a weapon in his hand. There was a bit of surprise in his eyes. How did a child suddenly run away? Come here, what's the matter?

There was something strange in my mind.

I saw a big red-faced man immediately raised the Greatsword in his hand and said: "who you are? Why did you come here? You child is so familiar..."

Because he recognized the child in the Village Leader's house, his eyes suddenly became a little strange.

Wu Chen's current appearance is the appearance of the child of the Village Leader's family. Naturally, he suddenly became confused. Isn't the child just a sacrifice? Isn't it the son of Village Leader? It's strange how suddenly another popped up.

Wu Chen smiled on his face at this time, and took a deep breath and said, "Yeah, how could this happen? It's really weird, right, but in the future, you can only go to Underworld to think about it. Bye!"

And at this time.

A voice came from the palace: "What's the matter? You dare to deceive the gods, do you want to be condemned by the heavens!"

Wu Chen knew at this time that he was going to speed up.

Wu Chen is completely welcome.

Both hands seal!

The energy was immediately condense from the mouth, and suddenly shouted loudly: "Fire Release: Hōsenka no Jutsu!"

A ball of flame came out from his mouth, and another ball of flames as if offering flowers was directly burned over. Before the first group of people had time to understand what had happened, they were roasted into dried fish by the flames.

Wu Chen jumped out with him, and at the same time, rays of light appeared in his hand. Punched hit just to fly the monster posing as the water god.

At this moment, the child quickly fell to the ground.

Wu Chen quickly hugged the child directly in his arms and stabilized his body.

With a smile on his face, he turned his head and looked towards the Demon who pretended to be the Water God, and said: "Interesting, I didn't expect you to pretend to be the Water God, but I think the real Water God does not eat living sacrifices and you eat it!"

At this time, the feminine man immediately became angry as soon as he heard this, and he was punched in the face. Naturally, the angry man directly picked up the Trident on the side and said loudly angrily roared, "Who are you?" You damned child, oh, I understand, you are the child of the Village Leader. Don’t you want your village anymore? Don’t you want to be taken care of by the gods? Do you want to be condemned by God!"

Wu Chen now looks like Taro Maru. He smiled and said, "You are a Demon and not a god. I played Demon but not a god. You guy is also damned. Tyrannically abused power for so long!"

At this moment, he was completely welcome and took a deep breath.

Hand seal with both hands: "Fire Release: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!"

A huge lava ball spouted directly from his mouth and slammed into it. The Demon in front of him was a water snake. Wherever it could withstand the fire, it was burnt off suddenly and dropped an arm. He was shocked. jump!

With a rumble, the huge lava ball exploded the entire palace with an explosion sound.

Demon immediately jumped down, and immediately jumped out of the water. His eyes were full of surprises. How did he provoke such a evil star? Who is this? Such a powerful spell can't even be used by myself.

The palace is almost destroyed.

And the water snake has run down into the water.

Wu Chen gave out the original form.

There was no more Demon in the palace, so he said, "It's safe!"

The Inuyasha entire group chased it over, and soon came to the almost destroyed palace, where Demon's corpse were seen everywhere.

Everyone was amazed by it, and as expected, these demons would have no way to survive!

Coral was very surprised and said: "really strong..."

Taromaru looked at so many Demon's corpses, and his eyes were all surprised, but he became even more worried. What happened to the explosion just now, why it was so, the more he thought about it, the more he felt uneasy and ran into the hall.

He saw his playmate all at once, and he quickly said, "Sueyoshi!"

The child turned around and said, "Young Master!"

2 people hug each other

Wu Chen just relaxed and said, "It's done, but we should also go now. The water snake escaped though..."

Kagome said at this time: "No, isn't he dead? What if he returns in a swirl of dust after a while?" ..

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Master of Ninja World Chapter Book 2 Chapter 312

Master of Ninja World

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With a smile on his face, Wu Chen jumped down and jumped from the hillside to the ridge and said, "Looking at your outfit, you should be the so-called Village Leader. Then I suddenly wanted to make a bet with you. Why not do it like this, if there is no river god, you Village Leader, don't do it, how about?"

Upon hearing these words, the man immediately panicked and said: "No, no, I can't bet with you..."

As soon as the words came out, he immediately frowned and said: "And is there anything between He Shen and you? You are who again, why are you suddenly coming to our village?"

Monk Miroku hurriedly stepped forward at this time and laughed awkwardly and said, "It's really sorry, Village Leader, this is my Master. He is like this. The people in training ignore the red matter, so they collide for a while. It is inevitable that we are passing travelers, specializing in helping others to solve distress. I hope you don’t mind..."

After hearing this, the Village Leader frowned very dissatisfied and said, "Really? Why do I listen to you as if you are here to make trouble?"

The words just came out.

Monk Miroku quickly said: "In fact, Village Leader Lord, have you ever thought that the one who wants you to sacrifice is not actually a river god, because it is most likely a terrifying Demon..."

As soon as the Village Leader heard these words, he said quickly: "Impossible, how is it possible, don't slander! You speak such words, but you are slandering the gods! You are going to be condemned by heaven!"

Inuyasha immediately said with a look of disbelief: "Hey, old fogey, whether your brain is broken or the water is in the water is obviously not a river god!"

When the Village Leader heard this, angry almost had a heart attack. Stared wide-eyed said, "You guys are really hateful. Who are you guys? Get out of here, if you dare to say 3 here. Dao 4, I will knock your heads down!"

When the voice fell, he immediately began to draw the knife, and Tachi from his waist was pulled out in half.

At the same time, his hands trembled a little. After all, he was in front of him, but there was a Demon who didn't look like a human at all. His eyes were a little more fearful, he bit his teeth, and sweat fell on his forehead.

Now he is really afraid of going to war with this group of people, and just wants to scare them away with this attitude.

Wu Chen sighed said: "Village Leader, don't try your best. Since you think you are a god, it doesn't matter, but if it is not, you have to slap you in the face!"

After speaking, he looked back at his companion and said, "We just happen to be going forward, so let's take a look for you!"

After he finished speaking, he was a gesture

Everyone didn't say anything, and then walked forward. At this moment, everyone hadn't walked out a few steps.

I saw that a child appeared in the bushes, and said in a low voice, "Hey! Are you specializing in helping others solve problems? I have a troublesome thing here and I want you to help me solve it!"

Inuyasha turned his head and looked over. It was a male child who was slightly sloppy, but the clothes were of good quality, but he had a lot of jewelry.

Inuyasha saw through at a glance, and said, "The sacrifice just now was not the child of the Village Leader, right?"

He recognized it all at once, and the boy whispered: "What are you doing with so much? You can accept it. This is the reward for you. These jewels can be used as entanglements!"

Inuyasha squatted down immediately, raised his fist, bang hit his head, rolled the eyes and said, "This is an arrogant kid, don't teach me a lesson, you don't know who is the boss!"

Kagome squatted down quickly to stop: "What are you doing? Don't beat others..."

At this time, the boy on the side also immediately avoided and said, "Will you pick it up..."

Inuyasha stood up and said, "Well, what do you want us to do?"

The child pointed his finger at himself and said, "I want you to come out the sacrifice!"

Kagome suddenly realized: "Sure enough, that is a substitute, and you are the one who really wants to be a sacrifice, right?"

The little boy said, "Hey, my name is Taro Maru, the heir of the Village Leader. I don’t know why six months ago, the god of water suddenly asked for a living sacrifice and chose me, but my father was unwilling. Let me be eaten, so I chose a substitute in the village, that is my good friend, I can't just look at my good friend go to hell!"

Inuyasha suddenly realized: "You are quite courageous, then I understand that I will help you, but you should put away these things..."

Monk Miroku eyebrows slightly frowned, but with a smile on his face, he said, “You don’t need to listen to his jewelry and hand over to us. You just need to tell us when the sacrifice will leave, and the so-called river god will be there. Whenever it appears, it will be fine!"

After all, Monk Miroku is an orthodox slayer who knows about the sacrifices very well, so he immediately asked the key points.

Because the sacrifice impossible is placed where everyone can see it, it must be sent to a special place and impossible in the village.

Taro Maru quickly said, "It should be tonight. If I remember correctly, they will be sent to the special Sage Region, but if I remember correctly, they can only go by boat. Can you?"

Wu Chen sighed and said: "Of course it's okay, you don't have to go, we can go!"

Taro Maru became excited at once, and quickly said: "I can do this, and I want to go there, but it's my good friend. I can't let my good friend get caught in fire and water, and I don't have to..."

Wu Chen was very curious and said, "You can be loyal, so follow us, but your life and death are not my business!"

Taro Maru immediately nodded and said: "Of course I know that I just ask you to save my friends. I will take care of my life and death. I don't need your help, I can survive by myself!"

His words said this, in fact, his heart was jumping wildly, and he knew that he was likely to have an accident, but in order to save his friend, even if he died, it was just a normal thing.

After hearing these words, Inuyasha were very surprised. It seems that this kid is ready to give his life.

Wu Chen suddenly became interested nodded and said: "Then take us there!" ..

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Master of Ninja World Chapter Book 2 Chapter 311

Master of Ninja World

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Naraku's eyes were full of surprises, he was taken aback for a moment, and then he noticed that power!

It is a dark energy that is more evil than Demonic Energy in his body. What is going on this guy...

Where did you get this power is really strange.

And it is at this time.

Although Kikyo quickly fell to his knees due to the side effects, he quickly took a deep breath, controlling the anger in his heart, and there was a little helplessness in his eyes.

clenched the teeth stand up and open the bow again.

Say: "I won't let you go!"

The words said this, with determination in his eyes, he took a deep breath, and shot an arrow suddenly!

I saw a black arrow shot directly down!

Naraku immediately shot an evade next to it and directly hit the ground next to it, and the suddenly black and purple flame burned directly.

Sesshomaru was taken aback, and quickly evade to the side, with a surprised look in his eyes, jumping out of 4 five meters.

What is going on with this woman, she is obviously not Demon, but she has energy that is even more evil than Demon. Where did she get this power, and it is not an ordinary human, it is really strange!

And this moment.

The evil view was very surprised and said: "Sesshomaru Eldest Young Master, you are careful, the flame seems very difficult to deal with!"

Sesshomaru snorted coldly, saying that he didn't care, and at the same time, the monster sword on the right hand suddenly spewed out amazing power, and evil resentment entangled the whole right hand at this moment.

The power of the evil resentment worked on the body, and the eyes suddenly became red, and at this moment, it slammed into Naraku!

Naraku immediately jumped again, and jumped into the sky, but there was already someone waiting for him in the sky.

Kikyo is not stupid, just open his bow and open his arrows!

4 arrows were shot!

in the sky, split the air sound

Naraku had nowhere to hide in the air, and just happened to be shot in four limbs!

Only the sound of pu chi rang, and the whole body was nailed directly on the rock.

But he was very cunning, his soul swiftly slipped away from under him at this moment, leaving only a wisp of time.

He said something on his mouth: "Are you two bullying the less? In that case, even if you kill it, it seems to be very normal. After all, one is the great Priestess, and the other It’s the First Young Master of the legendary Western Kingdom Demon. It’s an honor to be killed by you two together..."

Provocative words came from his mouth.

There was a bit of ridicule in his eyes, obviously provoking two people.

And heard this sentence.

Sesshomaru was very dissatisfied with the demon sword in his hand and said: "You damned guy, don't use this simple and rude agitation method to arouse me! Do you think I will let you go like this? Impossible to take it. Look! If you can take this move, I will let you go!"

The demon sword in his hand suddenly spouted amazing power, and at the same time he held it high to the sky, took a deep breath, and slammed it down suddenly.

The sword energy gushes out, and at the same time, like Getsuga, a long ravine is drawn on the ground, and it hits the Naraku nailed to the rock!

Naraku was shocked at once, but then his body was torn into countless pieces, but it was completely useless, because his consciousness had already slipped away.

Kikyo was very dissatisfied with frowned, and Snorted said: "Since I escaped, I will find you, I will remember you, and I will kill you!"

When the words were finished, at this moment, he jumped up quickly and left.

Sesshomaru took a few points out of his eyes, still murderous aura, turned his head and looked towards Kikyo, who jumped down the mountain.

There are a few strange things in his eyes. Why this woman is also looking for her trouble, it is really weird, but it seems that I have seen this woman somewhere, and I will find more information next time.

Thinking like this in my heart is leaving.

And at this time.

In the big jungle cave beside the valley.

Naraku had just escaped from the cave. There was a strange look on his face. What is going on with that gloomy power? Why is it so beyond my expectation? It’s really strange, and that woman shouldn’t Is it damned? Even if it is resurrected, it shouldn't be so. The evil force is tremble with fear, and it is heavier than the evil spirit on his body.

Kikyo is extremely pure Priestess

How could it be possible to have such an Evil Power? Someone must be making trouble. It is really strange, why is it like this?

Naraku can't figure out why this is so, sighed with doubts in his heart, it seems that there are too many things to investigate.

And this time.

Mother-in-law Feng was also worried in the village. There was a bit of helplessness in her eyes. Before her elder sister appeared again, even if she appeared, she had an extremely sinister power on her body, which made people feel To be uneasy, my elder sister used to be a truly innocent Priestess!

Why is it like this? It's really strange.

Granny Feng was very puzzled

Muttered to himself: "It seems that I have to go to the Wu Chen Lord! Maybe only he can explain what this is all about!"

Wu Chen was on the way with the Inuyasha entire group at this time and a few people soon came to a village.

Wu Chen said something strange in his eyes, but he soon remembered that there seemed to be a special river god here. He knew exactly what river god it was. However, the so-called river god, Still quite difficult to deal with.

However, if you let yourself deal with it, it will be much easier

At this time, everyone walked into the village together

The farmland in the village is very strange, it is all flooded

At this time everyone saw a sedan chair moving slowly.

Inuyasha soon asked everyone about it, and immediately understood that this was a sacrifice to the river god.

Is the son of Village Leader

Wu Chen eyebrows slightly frowned, saying: "Sacrifice to the river god is a ridiculous custom!"

When the Village Leader on the side heard this, he blew his beard and stared.

Said: "You guy is really ignorant, but the river god Lord is the key to blessing our village to make our village smooth. Now the river god Lord has sent an envoy to tell us the conditions. This is our greatest gift, how dare you say such a thing!"

After hearing this, Wu Chen rolled the eyes and said: "Then you are really ridiculous, and the gift is really ridiculous! But it's just Demon!"

When the words came out, it was even more mocking. The Village Leader was taken aback for a moment, and immediately said: "Hurry up, don't disturb us, if I anger the river god, I will sacrifice you to the sky!" ..

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Master of Ninja World Chapter Book 2 Chapter 310

Master of Ninja World

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Sesshomaru now has 2 knives hanging around his waist, one is the Tenseiga given by father, and the other is the demon sword he forged before!

But it's broken now.

It was specially broken.

Sesshomaru is following his servant's evil view

Sesshomaru broke the demon sword specially because of the last lesson. At the same time, he took the Shikon Jewel off and carried it on his body. It was no longer placed on the waist and only the waist was broken. The formidable power was greatly reduced, but Sesshomaru was not concerned about his waist at this time, but about a person.


Looking for someone.


That damned scoundrel.

Actually dare to deceive me with this demon sword.

Sesshomaru was angry, but the man's face was as cold as ice. At this moment, he and his servants were flying in the sky and forming a demon cloud. At this time, they were searching in the sky.

And this time

At this moment.

Just when he was looking in the sky

He suddenly saw a lot of poison insects following him, and he understood it all at once, with a cold expression on his face, he took out the fragment from his pocket and threw it in the sky The one who obeyed quickly was holding the fragment in his mouth and turning and flying away.

At this time, the evil sight said quickly: "Hey! That...Lord is going?"

Sesshomaru nodded said: "Of course!"

After speaking, he chased him indifferently, and he wanted to find the culprit, and then smashed his body for 10000 paragraphs!

The anger in my heart rushed directly and almost became impossible to bear, but because of a little restraint, he was finally restrained. After all, he was a person of royal background, and his anger would not burst out casually.

At this moment, the two people followed the poison insect to chase forward, and soon the poison insect took them to a special valley. This special valley has only a very narrow road or, from in the sky enter.

The two of them flew directly from in the sky.

Sesshomaru descended directly into the valley from in the sky.

At this moment.

When the two people fell, the poison insect also gave the fragments to the Master: Naraku

Naraku said with a smile on his face at the moment: "It turns out that the Holy Spirit, the noble Young Master, is really sorry. I haven't seen you for so long. Are you looking for something to me? As long as I can do it, I will do it for you. Done!"

Sesshomaru listened to his rhetoric, his face did not change a little, but he said very lightly: "I know what you have done to me, and you have carved a very special spell on this sword with your special power. It's a pity that I cracked that now I'm here to settle your account!

After the words fell to the right hand, he immediately pulled out the demon sword, and at the same time a faint Demonic Energy, rays of light flickered out of it, his expression became more and more cold.

And this time.

Naraku suddenly became a little nervous, and looked towards 4 weeks. In fact, he had already arranged the ice floes here. There was no fear at all. There was still a smile on his face, and he gave the white baboon head to it. He took it off and said, "Sesshomaru Young Master, you are too serious. How can you say such a thing? I am the one who really helps you. If you say such a thing, I will be sad... "

There was a malicious evil star hidden under that handsome and feminine face, he immediately opened his robe, and then countless poison insects flew out of it and rushed out quickly.

Sesshomaru did not hesitate at all, the broken waist was immediately swung out, suddenly an aura shot out from it, and the white rays of light immediately cut all the poison insects in front of them to pieces. !

Sesshomaru's eyes were filled with murderous aura wandering, and at this moment he shouted loudly: "Naraku! Give me accept death!"

The words here are even more angry, Naraku, this lowly Demon actually dares to play with himself, even dare to play with himself!

This person must die!

The more I thought about it, the more angry I became.

Naraku floated in the sky at this moment, and laughed loudly and said, "It seems that you are still affected, and you don’t at all throw this sword away. No matter how you say it, it’s my credit. It’s better to offset the merits and demerits. There is still an opportunity for cooperation between you and me. Why bother to come to me personally? I thought it was here to talk about cooperation with me. I didn’t expect to kill me if I shot, why bother. Well, am I right?"

After Sesshomaru heard these words, his expression grew colder, and a sword energy flew past.

Naraku's body directly dissipated into the wind!

Sesshomaru immediately turned around and looked over, and then saw an incomparable gigantic magic hand grabbing towards him, he was not polite, and slashed it down with one blow.

At the same time the arm also retracted.

Naraku slowly retracted the broken arm into his body. He sighed and said, "Ai, you are too impulsive. You are too impulsive. I am your friend. You have to recognize it. Ah, if you are now an enemy of me, you will lose a good friend. There is a chance for cooperation between us, and we will never fail to cooperate as before. The last time was because of you. I can't control myself..."

When Sesshomaru heard these words, he immediately felt as though he had been humiliated. He narrowed his eyes and said coldly: "You guy is really disgusting to me. I really didn't expect you to be such a rhetoric!"

The more you speak, the more angry you are!

At this moment, a voice came from the sky above the valley: "Naraku!"

When the sound fell.

Directly to a black hair Priestess, holding a spiritual bow in his hand, directly shot a black arrow!

Naraku was shocked suddenly, the arrow passed directly through the chest, and it was really hit. He hit the main body. He was shocked and covered his chest with surprised look in his eyes.

Say: "Kikyo! How is it possible? How can you be alive, aren't you dead!"

The corner of Kikyo's mouth outlines sneaked.

She is extremely clever, she has already investigated the matter almost, and her younger sister has also made the matter clear.

Although I didn't look for Inuyasha again, things became clear.

What Kikyo is going to do now is naturally revenge, so the natural enemy in the morning is Naraku, whom he didn’t know before.

She coldly sketched out a smile and said: "Maybe I will take your life too!!"

When the voice said this, his face was even more murderous aura, and his eyes revealed an unbearable cold murderous aura. Then the energy that entered the within-the-body quickly moved to make Kikyo, I noticed something was wrong.

My mood fluctuates too much, affecting the strength of within-the-body! ..

August 3

Master of Ninja World Chapter Book 2 Chapter 309

Master of Ninja World

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The situation is silent.

Today, above the sky, ten thousand li are all clarifications.

Inuyasha entire group has been resting in the cottage for 5-6 days.

And this time.

The coral has also taken care of the injury.

At the same time, my heart is full of confidence.

He was also ready to avenge his enemies.

A handful of Tachi hanging from the waist

Carrying the iconic huge flying bone behind!

Wearing a Kinoe armor dedicated to the demon master.

I tightened my belt and took a deep breath, mica lying on top of the pointed head

Slowly pushed open the door of the cottage.

Inuyasha blinked strangely at this time and said, "Do you have to go? Shall we go? Now your injury is just getting better, do you still need to rest for a while? If you go now, the old injury will recur. We don't care..."

When Kagome heard this, he immediately said with his arms akimbo: "Inuyasha! How can you guy be like this? After all, everyone is like-minded partner!"

Inuyasha immediately rolled the eyes and said: "Who and this happen to be partners, it's just because they have the same goal, it's really..."

At this moment, the coral turned around, loosened his shoulders and said: "Don't worry, I won't drag you down. My injury is healed. I must completely smash that guy into 10000 segments, and I will never let him go. !"

Inuyasha sighed said, "Forget it, let's go!"

When the words are finished.

This moment.

Wu Chen, the core of everyone did not appear.

At this time everyone looked at 4 weeks in surprise.

Mingjia grandfather trot over and said: "Wu Chen Lord said, there is no need to wait for him, he still has some things to do, just need to leave first, and he has to do other things. , I'll catch up with you back!"

Monk Miroku said strangely: "Does Teacher do anything else? Hasn't he been in that hole before? What else does he want to do?"

Mingjia grandfather wiped his sweat and said, "I don't know, I don't know what his thoughts are, but he still doesn't want to leave, I don't know what he wants to do..."

Coral was also very strange frowns head and said: "What the hell is going on with that mysterious weird guy..."

But after thinking about it, this guy has already helped himself, and Naraku is also an enemy, so after thinking about it, he has no reason to harm this cottage and said: "Forget it, don't wait for him, let's go now. Well, I can't wait any longer, I remember where that city is, and I will go back and kill him now!"

Coral always remembered it in her heart.

The military division of the Yam Sword is named Naraku!

That damned guy manipulated everything.

And this time.

After everyone heard this, they were nodded and set off quickly.

At this time, Wu Chen searched for everything about the Priestess in the cave.

There were some strange expressions on his face.

Because he has an idea now.

Edo Tensei!

This move is effective for 10 points, and it is also useful for Priestess and Midoriko, which have a strong power. If they can be summoned to explain everything that year, things are much simpler, and I want to know what happened that year. Special things.

He thought so in his heart.

At this time, Midoriko's ashes were quickly found.

He took a deep breath

Then the eyes suddenly opened wide and both hands directly hand-seal!

Suddenly he slapped his palm on the earth, but suddenly thought of something very important. Yes, he had no sacrifices, so he couldn't do it at all. At this moment, he scratched the back of his head very distressedly, bitterly laughed, sighed, Face full of helplessness.

Said: "truly troublesome, forget that there is no sacrifice, you have to find a living sacrifice!"

Thinking like this in his heart, he slowly withdrew from the hole at this time.

It looked like he was slowly walking out of the cave and on the road in 4 weeks, but at this time.

Only an ethereal voice appeared behind him: "Are you... Wu Chen!"

Wu Chen turned his head to take a look.

It's a woman in Priestess clothes.

There was a bit of ruthlessness and coldness in the eyes, but there was a bit of murderous aura and vigilance in the depths.

Is Kikyo

at this time

The appearance of Kikyo surprised him very much.

Wu Chen blinked in amazement and said, "Why did you suddenly show up? It's strange, why are you looking for me?"

Kikyo said, "What is the relationship between you... and Inuyasha?"

The words are a bit strange, and at the same time they are full of curiosity, a little puzzled, why this powerful man gave Inuyasha such powerful tricks

He even has his own younger sister.

An unrelated human being, and a human little girl, really, it is strange that I don’t understand.

After Wu Chen heard this, he suddenly realized loudly and said: "I am happy!"

After Kikyo heard this, he immediately became awe-inspiring and said: "You...huh! We will meet again!"

When you finish speaking, you quickly step into your net and run quickly.

Wu Chen didn't go after him, but was helplessly sighed. It was incredible that a wisp of obsession could last so long.

Kikyo is running fast at this time.

Wu Chen thought for a while, touched his chin before shouting loudly: "Hey, does your guy live by someone else's dead soul now!"

Kikyo was stunned when he heard this, then turned his head, frowns said, "What do you mean by this?"

Wu Chen laughed and said, "If you live like this now, maybe I will help you, I know who your enemy is? How about? Do you want to try, I can help you!"

Kikyo was shocked when he heard this.

Wu Chen laughed, with a faint black purple rays of light in his hand, and handed it over and said, "This can help you, but well, the price is... you will fall into a state of frenzy from time to time, can you restrain it? Living is whether you can get this power. The key is if you can’t, goodbye, because this will make you the soul flew away and scattered. Your shabby obsession will completely dissipate. Can you control it with confidence? "

As soon as Kikyo heard this, he felt straightforward, snorted, and quickly trot over. The power of the black and purple looked directly in his hand, and his eyes lit up.

Wu Chen looked Kikyo's body turned into words, the smoke dissipated, and an expression of interest appeared on his face.

Naraku, you have so many enemies now, depending on how you can hide and see how you can deal with it, Wu Chen is suddenly very interested. How many enemies can that conspirator deal with? This is really interesting! ..

August 3

Master of Ninja World Chapter Book 2 Chapter 308

Master of Ninja World

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Wu Chen is sitting outside the house at this time.

Wu Chen sighed and said, "Unexpectedly, we were still late. I thought it could be stopped, but I didn't expect to root..."

Inuyasha immediately said disgustingly: "It's because you are too late. It's clear that we can be faster. If you let me catch that guy..."

Wu Chen immediately knocked directly on his forehead, rolled the eyes and said, "What are you talking about so much nonsense? It's too late now, so stop talking!"

And at this time.

Upon receiving a kitten with two tails, he ran over quickly, with a little more curiosity on his face.

Everyone turned their heads and looked over.

Followed by.

A flea popped out of the kitten

That flea was loudly shouted: "Inuyasha Young Master, Wu Chen Lord! Monk Miroku, 7 treasures!"

I didn’t expect it to be the grandfather

At this time he was quite excited and said: "You finally see you here again, and I know you will definitely come here!"

Wu Chen picked him up carefully, and curiously said, "Why did you get here? It's really strange..."

Ming added grandfather sighed, and immediately struggling to jump to the floor and said: "Because I came to investigate before, and I found very useful clues, so I am here waiting for your arrival, I know you will definitely come! "

Wu Chen couldn't help but blinked after hearing this, and curiously said: "What kind of information did you investigate that are particularly useful? Although you know that you guy will quickly withdraw when in danger, but I'm still curious about what you will find useful. Of information!"

Mingjia grandfather immediately rolled the eyes and said: "Wu Chen Lord, how can you say that to me? I'm just a strategic retreat, and I just collect more information for everyone, not really running away!"

Inuyasha said with a face of disbelief on the side: "Who would believe your nonsense? Tell me, what did you find!"

Mingjia grandfather said at this time: "I have been in this cottage for a month. I found out after investigating that Shikon Jewel, in fact, is a product of this cottage and appeared in a very special place!"

And this time I heard this sentence.

The bald uncle next to him came over and said, "So you are here to investigate that thing! Didn't that thing have been handed over to a Priestess many years ago? Why are you here again?"

The bald uncle has a strange blinked face.

Wu Chen turned his head and said, "Because we want to know the truth, so we came to check..."

The bald head uncle nodded said: "It turned out to be like this. That thing is a legend in our village. Only the Village Leader Lord knows it. But we also know some legends, although we don’t know where the jade is. Where is it, but I heard that it was cleaned up by a Priestess many years ago, but recently... a lot of fragments have been discovered. It should be something wrong."

Inuyasha suddenly realized, nodded, but then there was a little inexplicable helplessness in his eyes.

The bald uncle tells the story without end.

"However, if you want to understand, you have to wait for the Coral Young Lady to really wake up, because only they know these things, and I don't know..."

And at this time, just when everyone had what they expected, only a scream came from the house.

Kagome yelled up.

Inuyasha was extremely fast, got up immediately, kicked out quickly, kicked the door of the room open, and rushed in quickly, into the corridor, and quickly came to the door of the room.

Kagome retreated to the door at this moment, and the Coral who stood up directly on the bed had a vigilant expression on his face. Although he didn't have a knife, he also set aside his posture directly at this moment, fist clenched.

After all, no matter who faced his upper body being taken off, and suddenly appeared in a strange place, he would immediately become alert.

Kagome hurriedly said at this moment: "This Young Lady, don't be so excited... I am treating you, and the wound on your body has not been completely healed..."

There was a slight pain in the shoulder.

Coral immediately felt the pain, so he knelt down and took a look. It turned out that this was his room, involuntarily shocked.

There was a surprised look in Coral's eyes.

Say: "Why am I in my own room? Who are you? What's the matter?"

Inuyasha snorted said: "Smelly woman, we saved you. Why do you think you appeared in your room? If it weren't because we saved you, you would die!"

As soon as Coral heard this, he immediately caught fire.

Said: "You guy... Inuyasha! You..."

Suddenly it seemed that something was wrong, eyebrows slightly frowned, and immediately understood.

Said: "No, isn't the cottage already destroyed? Why would I still have a room, etc..."

The words just came out.

I saw that the big bald head just now trot to the door quickly.

Coral was wearing this thin underwear, and she was shocked at this time, and quickly squatted down to wrap her body in a quilt.

She loudly said: "Stubborn stone uncle! Why are you still alive..."

The words said this even more puzzled.

Didn't that guy just say that Demon had attacked the village and learned the whole village? It stands to reason that the village has been burned down. How could it be like this?

After hearing this sentence, Uncle scratched his head very puzzledly and said, "Eldest Miss, don't you know... Actually I thought these were your friends, they came here to help us out..."

It was only then that Coral realized that she was shocked as if she had first awakened from a dream, with a surprised look in her eyes, and she was deceived.

Involuntarily sucked in a cold breath, bowed his head and suddenly speechless.

Inuyasha snorted, he was about to draw the sword, but immediately let go of the sword-handle and said: "Kagome, if she hasn't been cured, go and heal it, otherwise this woman will bleed to death!"

Kagome cautiously approached the bed and said, "Coral Young Lady, let me treat you..."

Coral lowered his head nodded and said, "Thank you..."

Only then did everyone exit the room and closed the door.

Coral's mood is even more complicated, and there is a little more helplessness in his eyes. I didn't expect such a thing to happen. That guy must be the culprit for deceiving himself!

Father, Uncle, and younger brother were all killed by the damned guy. If you see him again, you have to tear him to pieces! ..

August 3